How architects can take advantage of Facebook in 2020 Advice, Property Tips

How architects can take advantage of Facebook

21 Apr 2020

With the tremendous rise in the use of social media accounts, it would be foolish for anyone to neglect such an opportunity. No matter what your profession is you can never go wrong with some social media publicity.

How architects can take advantage of Facebook in 2020?

Take a look at the Facebook page of Gensler. The page commands the love of over 13k followers. They aim to share very engaging contents for their followers which helps them convey a personal snapshot of their lives. This is what build trust and respect among your followers.

Let us take a comprehensive view of how architects can take advantage of Facebook. Many architects have become an influencer on Facebook, they sometimes buy Facebook followers to gain popularity and trust to influence audience and earn living from it –

A perfect platform:

Facebook can be one of the most versatile social networking platforms in the market right now. It gives you the ability to share any type of content that you want. This gives you a chance to connect with several professionals, exchange of thoughts and ideas and a chance to gather research. Incline towards uploading finished projects on your page as this will help you to garner new followers on the platform.

Social Media Updates:

Link relevant posts and contents to your profile or add a link to your own blog or website. Posting consistently is the key for success on any social media platform. Aim to post at least three to five times in a week. This keeps you relevant to your followers. Hand out small tips to make their lives useful or bust a myth. This can be a great way of interacting with your audience.

Join groups or forums:

Find and shortlist groups and forums that cater to your niche of architecture. This is very important as this will put you in an environment with like minded professionals. Use this opportunity to learn something or share ideas or ask for feedbacks. Active participation is essential if you are looking to gain more interaction with your contents.

Staying Active:

If you have a base of followers it is never a good idea to abandon them in order to gain new followers. Read and respond promptly to comments and suggestions. Ask various questions or organise polls to gauge audience engagement on your account. Link your website to your page to funnel traffic to your website. Like any other platform you cannot expect to have millions of followers. It takes a lot of dedication and patience. Therefore, careful planning and execution is very important in order to succeed.


Taking help of influencers in your niche is a great idea to get a good head start. Try to find and shortlist the top influencers in the field of architecture as these influencers have the power to divert more traffic to your page.
Influencers generally command the respect of millions of followers and therefore it seems only reasonable to leverage this huge base of audience. Get to know them better and try to become a part of their network. Not only will this improve your overall visibility, but also might end in gaining some new followers.

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How architects can take advantage of Facebook in 2020?
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