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How CBD Can Boost an Architect’s Productivity

18 July 2020

What is your process for dealing with the boring parts of a project? A lot of an architect’s work is unglamorous and goes unappreciated. And yet, these are things that need to be done. All the details, back and forth with clients, and paperwork involved in a project is what allows the project to eventually become a reality.

How CBD can boost Architect’s productivity

That said, just because you have to do something, doesn’t mean you need to do it without help. Most of us are used to relying on coffee to help get us through the day. If you are tired of coffee or want to avoid its negative effects, here’s what CBD oil can do to boost your productivity.

1 – Stress less and work more

Humans aren’t designed for the modern world we created. Which is fine most of the time. As a species, we are endlessly adaptive, capable of thriving in a wide array of environments and situations. But sometimes, some of our basic biological systems create reactions that don’t quite match the reality of the modern world.

One such system is our threat detection system. Humans react to perceived threats and pressures by producing stress hormones, which shut down non-critical bodily functions and readies our body to fight or flight. Which makes sense when the threat in question is a lion, but is much less useful when the danger you are facing is a packed boardroom.

Not only do stress hormones make it harder for you to think and speak clearly, but they reduce your ability to focus on complex cognitive tasks. Which composes most of an architect’s daily jobs. Not only that, but constant work pressure can leave you in a permanent state of stress and worry, which will further harm your productivity.

Coffee makes all of this worst by boosting the level of stress hormones in your bloodstream. But CBD has the opposite effect. It suppresses your stress hormones and lowers your blood pressure, promoting calm throughout your body. Less stress is good for your health and your productivity. It may be just what you need to keep your wits about you as the next deadline draws closer.

2 – More sleep equals more work done

Plenty of studies have linked an increase in sleep quality to a rise in productivity. And CBD’s calming properties can improve your sleep quality by helping you relax every night. It’s not as strong as a sleeping pill, but the relaxing effect is often enough to help people sleep better every night. Try taking CBD oil an hour before bedtime if you often find yourself struggling to fall asleep.

3 – Boost your focus

A few studies have linked CBD usage with an increase in focus. The tests were executed on both humans and animals, and while we don’t yet understand how the substance achieves this effect, it does seem able to improve your ability to focus in moderate amounts. Be careful with large doses, however, as too much CBD can make you feel drowsy. Especially if you already have problems with low blood pressure to begin with.

4 – Reduce pain

If you suffer from chronic back or neck pain, you know how hard it is to get work done when your pain flares up. Luckily, CBD is an analgesic that can help alleviate that discomfort. That can help you get back to work without having to take yet another painkiller. If you’d like to understand CBD a little better, visit Cibdol’s CBD blog.

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