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Top 7 Secrets You Should Know About Online Casinos Guide

17 July 2020

Top 7 secrets you should know about online casinos

The online casino is a bold and raging industry. Because of its fast growth and tight competition, the online casinos provide us some amazing A-class gaming upshots and serviceability. Gambling is the kind of monetary risk that people love to take for having some fun, but for a matter of fact, we need to be practical, alert, and hold back our frenzy attitude while we risk our money in these online casinos or the games that they offer.

You may find attractive bonus offers, shimmering jackpot rounds, free slots with no downloads, claiming huge payouts, but it may not be that much enticing as it sounds – see Online casinos have some deepest layer of secrets that an amateur gamer may not understand and get trapped inside it.

So, let’s find out the top 7 secrets that one should know before indulging in online casino gaming.

1. Odds/House Edge/Standard Deviation: Worth to Note Before Playing Any Online Casino Game

Being a great casino lover, you probably have your own picks regarding your favourite game. But one should always remember to look out for odds, possibilities, house edges, or standard deviation in a game.
It is necessary to follow up on the guidelines as to how the odds and probabilities work, whether the house edge is high or low and whether your favourite game has a lower or higher standard deviation. Thus, it is always advisable to check these points and then decide whether to risk your money on that game or not.

2. Which One to Choose: Lower House Edge or Higher House Edge Games

You are always at an advantageous position if you play games having a lower house edge around 0.45% or 0.46%. So, there is always a possibility that online casinos will tempt you to move away from those games. They will show you huge payouts on high house edge games, but you should trust your brain rather than your eyes! With a lower house edge if you put a fine betting strategy and get a good bonus on top of it, then probably you can win a huge amount. There are games like Blackjack, Video Poker, Craps that have a lower house edge, whereas slot gaming is entirely based on luck. Thus, forget about informing you or advertising about these lower house edge online games. It is always better to check the house edge on your own and then start playing.

Top 7 secrets you should know about online casinos

3. Vicious Jackpot Pop-Ups

While some may find it a boon, but in reality, it is a vicious trap. It’s human psychology to yearn for extras, and unfortunately, these online casino sites know it all! It is our basic nature to only focus on winning while we overshadow the chances of failure in it.

These gaming sites will put the jackpot-winning percentage in such a luring way that we will already start dreaming about the jackpot win. As a result, you might make up your mind of making a deposit and play the progressive jackpot rounds. While these sites will put up the success stories of the jackpot winners, you should put your step back and think, “What if I lose the jackpot round?” Your obvious answer will be, “I will lose all the cash that I will put for this jackpot round”.

Keep in mind that the jackpot amount increases very rapidly. With each second counting, your chances of winning a huge jackpot amount or losing a huge jackpot amount keep mounting. It is very easy to put money and lose it all at once, but very difficult to think practically and get money rewards without losing any cash from your account. Be wise and practical while playing in online casinos.

4. Stalking After Bonus Rounds: Good or Bad?

Bonus rounds surely give some positive winnings. More bonus rounds are equal to more positive winnings. So, the online casinos will never point out bonus rounds more often. You will have to look for it. Bonus round requires a wagering amount, and so you will have to calculate whether the particular bonus round will allow you to meet your expected amount that you had put in for playing the bonus game. The more bonus rounds you play, the more money you can make out of its winning.

5. Should One Quit the Game When Being Ahead?

Your online casino site would probably say a ‘NO’, but in reality, the answer is a ‘YES’. Your continuity of winning is not beneficial for you. It is very common for a gamer to feel that he is a pro at the game and that none that beat him now, but you should know when to step out of the game.

The more you win, the more offers will be thrown at your way to pull you closer towards your failure. One wrong move and all your winning cash flow out of your hand! For example, you start your gaming journey with $300, and after winning quite a lot of rounds, it amounts to $1,300. Now if you think of moving ahead without quitting with this amount and try to bring up the amount to $1,600, you will probably take a major risk.

In the course of making it double, with your one wrong move you can supposedly lose your former deposit of $300! It is very natural to lose your head and trap your winning feet in vicious moves layered by the online casino site, so its better to quit when you are ahead and come out with that cash that you have actually earned by dropping lots of sweat.

6. Betting Schemes

If you are new to gambling and casinos, you will surely have lots of betting strategies that you might think will bring lots of winning cash onto your account. Online casinos, also, will make you believe in your proposition. You will think that your umpteen number of strategies or well-made plans will give you thumbs up and give them a thumbs down. The fact is, you are getting it all wrong! Casinos are not made out of luck but with proper mathematical strategies and calculations. Your win can be a chance of luck, but not theirs.

It might be seen that you are winning, but in reality, they will always win, and it’s not because of luck but pure math. There are no specific betting systems that can give you surety of winning the game. Lots of strategies have been framed since the starting of this gambling business, but none works in actual. So if you were not aware of this harsh truth until now, you should work on this because online casinos will never tell you this, ever.

7. Convenient Tools and Techniques

It is basically a constant grilling of ideas that are very hard for you to generate but very easy for the online casino site to guess. Yes, you read that right. Players might have come across an electronic roulette scoreboard on the top left or right corner of the gaming screen which displays the previous 5-20 numbers that were hit by a player. Players generally have this tendency to check the scoreboard and plan their strategies to play their next move. But that is so predictable!

The online casino site does not give authentic scores on that scoreboard, its more like a crystal ball of luck. It can hit a point three times during the whole game or not even a single time! It has nothing to do with your hitting capabilities. But if you go by this scoreboard, even they will know about your next strategy as the scoreboard will make everyone think and plan alike. So next time you play any game at online casinos, swear that you will not look at the scoreboard, not even once.

Extra Dose Of Advice

Top 7 secrets you should know about online casinos

There is no second thought about it that you need to keep in mind the above points for the next time you visit an online casino. But besides these points, there is another set of points that will help you to win in the online casino. They are:

  • Always look for ‘No Deposit Bonus’ so that the chance of losing your cash is minimized.
  • Before starting a game, try to read the RTP (Return To The Player) and the Volatility rate of the game to find out how often the game provides a payout.
  • Always remember to keep your head calm and distance yourself from taking too many This is exactly what the online casino sites want from you.
  • Keep yourself away from greedy thinking as this will lead you to lose your deposit cash and winning cash from hand.
  • Be cautious while placing your bets. Try to set your money limits by minimizing your stakes.
  • Try your hands at playing free spins alongside bonus games. Free spins will let you know how much money you should put in the main game.
  • Maintain a fixed maximum payout. Do not try to continue a game lifelong till you lose every thread you earned from it. Make it short and simple.

Top 7 Secrets You Should Know About Online Casinos – Conclusion

It is a fact that online casinos will show you only the positive, winning, and glorious sides of gaming. You will have to find the negative and realistic side before indulging in online casinos for minimum loss of money and maximum payouts. So next time you think about trying your luck at an online casino, give this review a shot for sure.

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