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How To Choose The Right Kitchen Table

22 December 2022

The kitchen table is the focal point of any living space. This is probably because we’re all so used to sitting on tables to eat, work at, and just be together during some time that it’s hard to imagine a world without them. The table is more than just an eating and working surface – it’s also a practical piece of furniture that serves many other purposes.

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Assess The Space

Step one of choosing the right kitchen table is to look at the space where the table will go. It should be placed next to a wall and not near another piece of furniture. The idea is that you’re left with enough space for moving around. That’s also why it’s a bad idea to set up a modern kitchen table in an area with limited space, like between two sofas.

While you’re in the process of assessing the space, consider what your needs are. In most cases, you will want a long table for those big family gatherings when everyone gets together for a meal. If your family is relatively small, however, and the kitchen is located in the center of the house, it might be wise to opt for a smaller table.

Select Your Style

Style is a personal choice, and this is true for the table. For starters, you have the classic kitchen table that resembles a dining table. It can also be found in various shapes and sizes, depending on the size of your space. If you like simple lines and shabby chic-styled kitchens, then an antique-looking kitchen table might be right.

For those who are fond of contemporary and sleek designs, there are glass tops on the market that will fit right in with your modern living room. Alternatively, if you prefer rustic looks, go for a vintage-looking piece of furniture.

Choosing The Right Kitchen Table Size

There are various sizes out there. The average table measures between 4 and 6 feet in length, and the height starts from 30 to 36 inches. If you’re a tall person, you might need to look out for a higher table that allows your legs some room to be comfortable. If there are kids around, however, it might be better to look for a lower table.

Table Shape Selection

The most common kitchen table shapes include square, rectangular, and round. Rectangular tables are ideal if you like a more traditional look, while a round table is suitable for those who prefer a contemporary style.

If you’re considering having either an industrial design or a traditional look, then go with either square or rectangular ones, depending on the circumstances, as both shapes are great options.

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Types Of Materials For The Table

There are various types of materials that you can choose from when having a table made. As mentioned earlier, the table is considered one of the most important pieces of furniture in most living spaces. It’s also a practical piece of furniture as it can serve many purposes. As such, you must take time out to consider its material before making a decision about which one to buy.


Most tables are wooden because this is one of the most common materials used in furniture manufacturing. Wooden tables come in many different shapes and sizes and can also be found with different types of finishes – some come as unfinished wood. At the same time, others have a glossy or matte finish on top (although there are also those with a distressed look).

Veneer/Wood Look

A veneer is a thin layer of wood glued to another type of wood. This type of table is very easy to clean with a damp cloth, which makes it a good option if you’re concerned about your tabletop getting scratched. Keep in mind that it could also be quite flimsy and might not last as long as a solid wood table.

Stone And Stone Appearance

Stone tables are sturdy and durable. This is one of the most popular choices because they last a long time if taken care of. Some of the best stone finishes come with several coats on top of each other – this is to ensure that the table looks polished and ensures longevity.


Glass tops are made from different materials, such as tempered glass, opal glass, or even table-top clear glass (this type will not scratch easily). Glass-topped tables reflect light and brighten a space, but this is also one of their drawbacks: they’re very easy to scratch and can break if you drop something. However, glass-topped tables rarely get damaged by heat – this is why they’re perfect if you have little kids around.


Metal tables have the reputation of being the toughest. They’re usually heavier and more durable and must be handled with care. However, unlike wood or stone, metal is not a very good choice if you’re concerned about scratches or stains on your surface (and they do show up quicker than wood or stone tables). Metal is also harder to keep clean, so you’ll need a disinfectant.

Plastics And Laminates

Plastic and laminates are more practical than other materials and are often used for tables. Many people find them less attractive than others, however. This is because they don’t hold up to heat, with surface-level scratches and stains.

Versatility And Mobility Of The Kitchen Table

Even the most basic kitchen table can double as a desk in an office, so you should consider choosing one that is not just functional but also very versatile. This will allow you to use your kitchen table for years, whether for everyday breakfast or dinner – or perhaps even a place to work on your laptop if you need a break from the office desk.

How to choose the right kitchen table – Bottom Line

A kitchen table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home – you’ll use it every day to eat or do homework, and it will be used by your family and guests alike. So make sure to take your time and consider all the above factors before deciding.

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