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How to handle overflowing sewage

20 May 2021

How to handle overflowing sewage

How to handle the most unpleasant and dangerous situation caused by overflowing sewage

Sewage spills need immediate and proper handling to stop the spill or leak and prevent spreading various health hazards besides disrupting regular life. Sewage leaks and spills are highly unpleasant and dangerous for health as the water contains harmful parasites and bacteria that can cause serious illnesses that can even turn fatal.

In addition to posing health hazards, sewage spills are toxic. They have combustible gases, which can quickly start a dire in enclosed spaces and cause more damage besides killing people from asphyxiation.

Since sewage spills can spread rapidly, you must promptly deal with it by calling a sewage cleaning company equipped to handle the job speedily and efficiently so that the property becomes usable once again. Learn more about our Boca Raton sewage clean up services over here to understand what constitutes professional restoration service to sewage spills.

Signs of sewage spill

Knowing the signs of overflowing or leaking sewage will help to take timely remedial action. If you see a slow leaking manhole or water gushing out from it can be the preliminary sign of sewage blockage that causes spills. Moreover, if you see drains in the premises backing up, water seeping from the sewage or outside the drain; do not waste time but call for a professional sewage cleaning service.

The scope of sewage cleaning services

Depending on the severity of spillage, whether there has been sewage water accumulation or the water spreads across the ground, the professional sewage cleaners will draw an action plan.

  • Firstly, they would vacate the place by asking the residents to move out to some safe area to protect them from the harmful exposure of sewage water. They will also remove all articles like furniture and other equipment if the spill is inside the building.
  • For spills inside the building, it is necessary to isolate the area by closing the doors to stop the damage from spreading.
  • If there is water accumulation of flooding, the cleaners will use pumps to remove the water. If the spill is small, they will use a wet vacuum together with a suitable filtration device to accomplish the task.
  • After removing sewage water when the place becomes more or less dry, the cleaners will gather the debris, dirt, and garbage in plastic bags with the help of shovels and dispose of it off immediately. Discarding anything soaked in sewage water will ensure the safety of the place.
  • They will then wash down the entire space from the floors to walls and other affected surfaces with hot water using suitable disinfectants to kill bacteria. They will repeat the cleaning by using detergents and some cleaning agents with plenty of water. Floors need to be scrubbed with a bleaching solution of one part chlorine in four parts water followed by thorough rinsing.

Soon after cleaning the place, the cleaners will open all windows to air-dry the area if the weather is dry or else in wet weather, use dehumidifiers for quick drying. Speedy drying will prevent mold growth. If you observe mold growth after cleaning, the same cleaning company can help eliminate it.

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