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How to Make Your Old Home More Energy Efficient

16 November 2022

How to make your old home more energy efficient

Edinburgh is home to many historic buildings, and some properties have been standing for more than 500 years. In fact, Moubray House is the oldest residential building in the capital, dating back to the 1470s.

As 20% of houses in Edinburgh were built before 1919, a significant proportion of the population lives in chilly properties and pays expensive energy bills. However, old doesn’t need to equal cold. Find out how to make your old home more energy efficient.

How to Make Your Old Home More Energy Efficient Guide

Replace Your Boiler

Modern boilers are much more energy efficient than older models. If your current system is costing a substantial sum, appears inefficient, or leaks, you would be wise to replace it with a contemporary boiler.

A new boiler could adequately heat your home, reduce its carbon emissions, and help you save a substantial sum on your energy bills. With many options available, you might be unsure about the best boiler or heating solutions for your needs. If so, visit Eco Quote Today for helpful boiler advice and to receive free quotes on various green energy solutions.

Use a Chimney Balloon

An exposed chimney is often a culprit in cold older homes. As heat rises, it will escape from the property quickly, causing a central heating system to work harder to heat one or more rooms.

Stop warm air from escaping and cold air from entering by closing a chimney with a chimney balloon. It will keep heat inside the property, creating a warm, inviting environment to complement the charming interior.

Transform the look of your home and increase its value by painting your silicone render! Not only does it provide a fresh, updated look, but it also protects your home from weather damage. Sure, there are some downsides, like cost and maintenance, but the benefits outweigh them. Try the industry-leading professionals at

Change Your Windows

Most homes across the UK didn’t feature double glazing until the 1980s and beyond. As a result, many older properties across Edinburgh have thin windowpanes and wooden frames. If your home is one of them, it is an intelligent idea to install double glazing to keep heat inside your home and prevent an unwanted chill.

If you are worried double glazing will detract from your home’s architectural design, you will be pleased to learn you can install double glazing in a period style. However, you must contact the local planning department when making changes to a property in a conservation area.

Insulate Your Loft

Old and new properties often have different insulation needs, as they are built differently. If you live in an older home, insulating the loft is often the easiest and most effective way to improve its energy efficiency. If your property is still chilly after loft insulation, you could create a warmer space with wall insulation.

Warm Up Rooms with Quick Fixes

If you follow the above steps and still experience an unwanted chill, small gaps across the property could be to blame. Keep the cold air at bay by:

A few tweaks to your property could naturally increase your home’s temperature, which will prevent you from turning up your thermostat.

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