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Benefits of Installing Crittall Windows at Home Advice

12 November 2022

Why Opt for Crittall Windows? The Benefits of Installing Crittall Windows in Your Home or Property

Many people in the United Kingdom have undoubtedly heard of Crittall windows (and doors), and Crittall is best known for being a pioneer in the production of steel windows. Their esteemed history dates back to the 19th century, and these windows have graced more than a few famous buildings within the country – most notable of which are the windows of Parliament and many others.

But, of course, you can also install them in your abode, giving your home or property aesthetic appeal, security, and protection from the elements. But why go for Crittall windows when you can choose from other steel window manufacturers? Let’s have a look at the real benefits of installing Crittall windows in your home or property.

Benefits of installing Crittall windows at home

Benefits of Installing Crittall Windows in Your Home – List

  • They can add class and character to your property.

It doesn’t matter if you have a historical or period property or a modern and contemporary property – their sheer versatility adds a particular class and character to it. Numerous home and property owners are attracted to their appeal, as Crittall windows have the most minimal and narrowest sightlines of them all. This allows anyone looking outside to see the view far beyond the window pane and glass instead of the window itself.

As we all know, Crittall windows are made of steel – and steel is a material that is seen as elegant and timeless. It works in either traditional abodes or contemporary settings.

  • They come with the utmost guarantee of quality.

Yes, there may be other manufacturers of steel windows out there – and in fact, thanks to Crittall windows, they are now mass-produced! – but nothing comes close to the guarantee of quality promised by Crittall. As a premier steel window manufacturer, you can rest assured that Crittall windows are made with ultimate quality and craftsmanship in mind, and there is never any compromise with a Crittall window. The company has existed for more than 160 years – and counting – and it’s not only a pioneer in steel windows, it also leads the way in many steel window advancements.

  • They are energy efficient and secure.

There is no need to worry about energy efficiency with Crittall windows – they are both thermally efficient and result in less energy consumption. You can have your windows double-glazed, of course, which adds to the security level provided by your windows. Aside from this, Crittall windows are known for the safety they provide – steel, in itself, is about three times more robust than aluminium, and it isn’t even on the same level as wood or timber, which can easily break. So if you are going to use large glazing panels, it is advisable to use steel rather than other materials because of the extra layer of security.

  • They are not difficult to maintain

As many of you know, steel windows, such as Crittall windows, are relatively easy to maintain. It is no secret, for instance, that you don’t need to repaint them every so often, and since they are galvanised steel, this makes them even stronger and more durable. They can last for years – as evidenced by many period buildings that still have the original Crittall windows. They require no repainting or redecoration for over 20 years, and this gives you excellent value for money indeed.

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