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How to style your room to match your bed frame

28 March 2024

When renovating your bedroom, it is essential to match the theme to your bed frame. If you don’t, you risk making the whole space look unbalanced.

Fortunately, you don’t need to pick bedroom accoutrements that match the frame exactly. Instead, you can exercise some freedom, experimenting until you find something that looks the part. Including more variation in the room helps it to feel more organic, welcoming and friendly.

However, you still need to follow some loose rules. Otherwise, the entire space will end up looking chaotic.

So, what should you do to match any bed frame to your room? Here’s a rundown.

How to style your room to match bed frame guide

Think About The Overall Style You Want

Start by thinking in broad-brush terms about the style you want your bedroom to have. This helps you put boundaries around your options.

For example, if you are going for a mid-century bedroom, consider a walnut bed frame with tapered legs and plenty of space underneath for storing suitcases. By contrast, if you want your bedroom to have a modern look, you’re better off with upholstered headboards and a platform design.

You can create “fusion” interiors, but these are much more challenging to get right. A traditional sleigh-style bed frame with button-tufted headboards could work, but it takes a lot more care.

Aim For Cohesion

Next, look for ways to bring cohesion to the room. You don’t need to match all the elements perfectly, but you still want to find synergies.

Start with balancing the bed frame and the rest of the room. For example, if you have a bijou bedroom, keep it small. Ensure you still have space for bedside tables and nightstands.

If you have a larger room, pick a bed frame that avoids making the space too monolithic. Increase the size of the walkways on either side of the bed until they make visual sense.

In terms of colour, keep the bed frame palette neutral and in keeping with other large furniture pieces in the room, such as the wardrobe or chest of drawers. If you want to add more exciting tones, use it on smaller items, such as pillows, cushions, and gallery wall sets, to add pops of colour. Don’t saturate the scene (unless you have a specific design in mind).

Lastly, play around with various textures and materials to generate more interest in the room. Avoid using the same finishes everywhere.

For example, if you have a wooden bed frame, pair it with other textiles, like leather and fabric. These materials contrast with the timber, helping the room feel less sparse and more complete.

You can do the same thing with metal bed frames. These work well with pine, cedar, and even mahogany because of the richness wood brings to the space.

Match By Details

Matching bed frame details with the rest of the room is another strategy you can adopt. Drawing together these elements helps the entire space make more visual sense.

Start by considering the bed frame’s finish. A wooden sleigh frame with a distressed finish, for example, might complement a vanity dresser with similar accents.

You could also look for complementary style elements. For instance, if the bed frame has curved or metallic elements, you could look for wardrobes with similar features.

Matching details like this is one of the most intelligent ways to bring a bedroom together. Making knobs, pulls, and even nailhead details your focal points creates subtle symmetries you can’t get otherwise.

Go For The Curated Look

You could also opt for a more curated look, particularly if you have chosen a bespoke bed frame. Adding unique elements to your room can help it stand out even more.

For example, you could pair a vintage bed frame with a traditional nightstand from the antiques shop. Putting these two pieces of furniture together could immediately transform your bedroom’s atmosphere.

If you love DIY, you could also repurpose furniture to give the space a chic or shabby chic look. Turning an old suitcase or stool into a new place to sit in the room could be an excellent way to elevate the space and match it to your distressed bed frame.

You could also think outside of the box. When matching your room to your bed frame, don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what works. For example, you could complement your bed with a small writing desk or add a leaning shelf to the wall.

So there you have it: our guide on how to match any bed frame. Sure, it’s a little complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes substantially more straightforward.

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