Top 5 scenic places to visit in Edinburgh guide

Top 5 scenic places to visit in Edinburgh guide, Property fenestration, Building glazing exterior construction

Top 5 Must-know Scenic Places Ever Architect Visit in Edinburgh

26 March 2024

Top 5 scenic places to visit in Edinburgh guide
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One of the things that make Edinburgh outstanding is the detailed architecture. From the castles to magnificent and classical structures adorned with intricate, artistic designs, the feel is nostalgic.

Whether it is the townhouses, churches, or residential houses, there is something unique about the striking designs. Some are inspired by historic plans like monuments, while others are modern and classic designs.

If you are into architecture, you know what it means to have unique artistry. Here are some of the places you should visit to find inspiration.

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Where to Get Architecture Inspiration in Edinburgh

You can reimagine your architectural skills with the following notable destinations and work on beautiful highlights.

Top scenic place to visit in Edinburgh Scotland

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  1. The Edinburgh Castle

This destination is one of the most popular places in the city, with beautiful scenic sights that can be viewed from anywhere. It sits on Castle Rock, the volcanic hill that humans anciently inhabited during the Iron Age.

What stands out at Edinburgh Castle is the sharp cliffs with glacier-like patterns. The scene was built over the years and was considered a royal residence and later a fortress. Edinburgh is a scene that can inspire historic designs for architects who would like to revisit the ancient eras.

  1. The Palace of Holyrood House

The Palace of Holyrood House is a must-visit if you want to work on royal-like designs. It is the official Queen’s residence and depicts little-known ideas of royal history.

The Palace of Holyrood House is the perfect definition of Scottish classical architecture. You can tour the King’s Chamber for insights about the royal family and their dating history.

The clock in one of the chambers can be striking as it dates back to the 17th century. Check the ceilings and paintings crafted by the talented Jacob de Wet II for finer printings and art.

  1. The Parliament Building

Nothing beats a country’s history more than its royal palace. The Scottish Parliament Building is situated off the Royal Mile and at the ancient Old Town buildings.

The new structure was completed in 2004, and you can be sure it has modern, fine architecture. The building features interconnecting chambers and repeated motifs with different shapes and distinctive elements inspired by Scotland’s traditional history and iconic buildings.

In addition, the grass-roofed branches diverting to the neighboring parkland are worth noting. For inspiration, you can also pay attention to the complex leaf-shaped structures, gabion walls, and carvings like the Skating Minister.

Worry not about touring the Scottish Parliament Building; daily visits are open to the public. Consider visiting the scene on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays when the parliament doesn’t have a sitting – you can also attend in-person debates at the debating chamber.

  1. Nelson’s Monument

This destination is a commemorative tower built in Scotland to honor Horatio Nelson, who once held the Vice-Admiral role. The dramatic termination and its location on Calton Hill are some of the things that make it remarkable.

  1. St Giles Cathedral

Cathedrals generally define architecture, and St Giles Cathedral is a notable place in Edinburg designed with fine Gothic architecture. It depicts the heritage of religious history embodied in unique structures situated along the Royal Mile.

The central pillars date back to 1385, which remained after a fire destroyed the cathedral and are now a reminder of its turbulent history. The mind-blowing Thistle Chapel is also iconic – it was home to the most notable Chivalry in Scotland, Knights of the Garter.

The intricate walls and hand-crafted Gothic wooden chairs with beautiful carvings are magnificent. Look for the area fitted with the grandest chair and the royal stall with the court of arms at the west hall – where the King would sit when visiting the temple.

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