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Know About Different Learning Styles

22 Sep 2021

Need to know about different learning styles

Learning styles have always been the topic of many kinds of research. And if you ever tried to learn anything new, you know that some methods work for you better than others. Usually, one discovers that thanks to trial and error.

Trying different ways to learn and remember new information is nice, but how about investigating the learning styles and determining which one is best for you. There is a lot of information available online. Even famous YouTubers and bloggers talk about it. But what is suitable for them is not necessarily suitable for you.

So let’s consider the six most common learning styles to help you figure out yours.


If you are a social learner, you feel most comfortable learning in groups and have great verbal communication skills. However, you prefer to rely on a make an essay for me service for help with your assignments that require you to study alone for long periods of time.

Working in groups is your favorite task. You feel comfortable discussing ideas and are flexible in understanding others. You look for study buddies, even if one lives in another part of the world.


You prefer to study alone and don’t rely on others much. Your favorite study spot is a quiet place where you can focus.

Moreover, you are more likely to work on a complex problem and try and figure it out alone than asking for help. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The skills of the solitary learner are very useful for any student.

For example, most polyglots are solitary learners. They are able to learn many languages by themselves or thanks to resources available online. Some of them may study with a tutor for a short time, but just to brush up on their skills.


If you are a visual learner, the best way to remember things for you is to see them. This includes pictures, graphs, diagrams, whiteboards, charts, etc. You can even create a small doodle to make information memorable.

Being a visual learner has certain advantages because our brain analyses visual information much faster than text. This means that you can absorb and retain new things faster and for a longer period.

Also, color pens and highlighters are your constant companions. If during a test you didn’t remember the answer but remembered where it was in the book or what color you used to highlight it in your notes – most likely you are a visual learner.

As for areas you can be good at, those include photography, graphic design, advertising, etc.


If role-playing, flashcards, and physical activity help you to learn, then you are a physical learner. You might need to do some experiments yourself to really understand how something works. No chart can help you with that.

You are more likely to pace around in your room while learning a poem by heart. Or perhaps you like chewing something like gum or any other food. All this also shows that you are more of a movement student.

Moreover, talking with your hands is another sign. Maybe your teachers or friends noticed this in you. It’s not a bad thing. It is just how you gain knowledge and express yourself.

As for your future profession, you might think about doing something that will help you to stay active. No desk work for sure.


Aural learners understand information the best while listening. And this is not only by listening to others. An auditory learner often talks to oneself while reading new material.

If you are an aural learner, you are more likely to feel confident in class discussions and don’t feel shy to ask a question.

As for your future career, you can be in radio or TV broadcasting, teaching or law. Any job where you need to talk is suitable for you.


If you are a logical learner, you can connect the dots where others can’t.

You love organizing your notes and reason on the meaning behind the subject. If you don’t know the rules, it may be hard to accept what you are told. But once you learn and understand them, you are unstoppable.

This can be very handy. You might be the next scientist or researcher. Maybe you will write amazing textbooks or create the best charts that explain all material in the best way.

Need to know about different learning styles summary

To sum it up, we all learn differently. In this article, we’ve considered the most common learning styles, but there are more of them.

Try to analyze what ways of learning work best for you. What teachers do you like the most? Do you like practical assignments or maybe those that require you only to memorize information?

You can’t be only a visual or only a solitary learner. Most of the time, we are a mix of several styles. So be yourself and use learning styles that work the best for you.

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