Landscaping ideas to add home value tips, Garden improvement advice, Property exterior design guide

Landscaping ideas to add home value guide

29 July 2021

Every homeowner should consider ways to add value to their home whether they plan on selling anytime soon or not. It is not just inside what counts when it comes to property value and landscaping can also play a major role, which is why homeowners should consider outdoor upgrades to make their home more attractive, comfortable, and welcoming. Keep reading for a few landscaping ideas that could add a healthy amount of value to your property.

Landscaping ideas to add home value garden

Landscaping Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

Mow the Lawn

It may seem like a minor step, but simply mowing the lawn and maintaining it can make a huge difference. A home with an overgrown, wild-looking lawn will bring down the entire tone of the property and make it look and feel uncared for. You need to keep the grass healthy and watered and to mow on a regular basis, including using a strimmer around the edges for a smoother finish.

Tasteful Playset

If you have kids, a tasteful playset in the garden can make the space feel more homely, welcoming and fun – it will also help to keep the kids happy and entertained on warmer days! If you live in a family neighbourhood and have plans of selling, you will find that a nice playset will help to make the property much more appealing.

Update Walkways

The walkways to your front door and in the backyard may also need some TLC as these can become worn over the years. This might involve replacing cracked paving slabs, de-weeding or using a pressure washer to restore the walkway to its former glory. Additionally, decorative bark to place either side of the walkway can give a professional look to your outdoor space and create a central location of your home and it is easy enough to find bulk bags of bark online.

Bushes & Small Trees

To make the outdoor spaces of your home more attractive and to add value, you will want to embrace nature and bushes and small trees are a great way to do this. You will want to find low maintenance options that will look good all year round and bring nature to your property.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is also a smart way to improve your home’s exterior and could help to add value, especially if you have lighting that increases home security. Motion sensor lights, solar lights and fairylights are all good options that can make a big difference to the home.

These are just a few ways that you can improve the landscaping of your home, which could help to add value to the property. People often focus on the inside, but the exterior of a home is hugely important and can really make a difference when you are looking to sell by making the home much more attractive and welcoming.

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