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Looking for a New Home in Edinburgh

9 October 2022

The housing market in Edinburgh is separated in a few different areas. But no matter where you live, you are bound to be surprised and amazed by the architecture. It is no wonder that the writer of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, was able to create such an amazingly elaborate world, as she lived in this city, where she was inspired at every street corner.

Looking for a New Home in Edinburgh

How to find the Right Home in Edinburgh

What makes a city look like you are living in a fairy-tale? The architecture, obviously. This is exactly what Edinburgh looks like. It varies according to the area you visit, but it never leaves. It is a place where creators can let their mind be inspired, to imagine new exciting sceneries in their books and films. But first and foremost, it is simply a great place to live.

To find the right neighborhood for you, the first thing you should do is discover the value of houses in each of them, by going to https://realadvisor.co.uk/. There, it will be possible to find houses in every part of the city and their prices. According to what you can afford, you can then start looking more precisely at each house, in order to find your next home. Just keep in mind that the architecture around you will influence your life every day. So, take that in account, before acquiring a property. Here are a few locations that you can look at.


Many people will tell you that this is the best place to live, in Edinburgh. That is probably true if you are a student, as it is the central place where they meet. The cost of living is decent, and you get to live in an enchanting neighborhood. Furthermore, it is but ten minutes away from the town centre, where you can go grab a drink with friends. Rugby fans will be delighted, as they can catch a game at the Murrayfield Stadium, just a step away.

Old Town

Lovers of architectures will want to stay in Old Town. To understand how beautiful and precious it is, it has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Just walking around it, is like taking a trip back in time, when building houses was more like drawing beautiful images. Today, efficiency is the name of the game, when elegance was yesterday’s aim.


Polwarth is where everybody would like to live, but not all can afford it. It is famous for the Polwarth sheep, which are popular for wool production, but also as meat to prepare an exquisite dish. That is what you will find in the many restaurants of the area, as well. Polwarth is an entertainment center where all go during the week-end, to rest from their weekly grind. The atmosphere reaches magical levels.


Those who like nature will certainly chose Marchmont for their dwelling. Located a mile south of Old Town, one can fully reconnect with the greenery that exists there and live in a more relaxing atmosphere than in any other neighborhood of Edinburgh.

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