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Major Edinburgh Construction Projects Set To Unveil In 2024

10 April 2024

In 2024, Edinburgh is set to reveal some of its most ambitious construction projects yet, marking a significant period of growth and development for Scotland’s historic capital. These projects, ranging from vital educational facilities to innovative transport infrastructures and recreational spaces, not only promise to transform the city’s landscape but also aim to enhance the quality of life for its residents.

As Edinburgh’s skyline evolves, the emphasis on high-quality construction materials and skilled craftsmanship underscores the city’s commitment to sustainable and resilient development.

Major Edinburgh Construction Projects for 2024

The Current Climate Of The UK’s Construction Industry

As the UK construction industry forges ahead with an array of high-quality projects spanning residential, commercial, and public sectors, it confronts several challenges. Among these, the safety concerns raised by cladding issues and the widespread problem of road potholes have underscored the importance of employing skilled professionals and ensuring the use of premium materials.

In parallel, the heightened demand for construction tools and materials has naturally spotlighted the necessity for a fundamental set of power tools in every tradesman’s arsenal and high-quality materials at their disposal for projects.

This increased emphasis on efficiency and precision reflects the industry’s broader movement towards leveraging modern technology and materials to achieve projects that excel in quality, sustainability, and safety, illustrating a dynamic period of innovation amidst the challenges.

Major Edinburgh Construction Projects
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Upcoming Edinburgh Construction Projects

The construction landscape in Edinburgh is marked by an array of ambitious projects this year, signalling a transformative phase for the city. This period of change, a highlight of building news in Edinburgh, includes educational enhancements, transport infrastructure improvements, and the introduction of recreational facilities.

These developments collectively aim to enrich the city in various aspects, from boosting learning environments to enhancing connectivity and leisure options, embodying Edinburgh’s dynamic growth and innovation.

  • Educational Developments


Liberton Community Campus

Slated for a 2026 unveiling, Edinburgh’s Liberton Community Campus merges education with sustainability. The campus will feature a high school catering to 1,200 students, alongside community-centric amenities like a café, library, and sports facilities.

Adhering to energy-efficient Passivhaus standards, underscores Edinburgh’s commitment to net-zero objectives, promising a future-proof blend of learning and communal spaces.

Currie Community High School

Targeting a January 2025 opening, the £65 million Currie Community High School is set to be Scotland’s first Passivhaus secondary school, meeting the required energy-efficiency standards.

Designed for minimal heating and cooling needs, it will serve 1,000 students with facilities including sports amenities, a learning resource centre, and a community café, emphasising both environmental sustainability and community integration.

  • Transport Infrastructure

Meadows to George Street

Edinburgh is advancing with a £16 million initiative to enhance the Meadows to George Street passage by June 2027.

This project promises segregated bike lanes, wider sidewalks, and zones prioritising pedestrians, aiming to cultivate a secure, enjoyable environment for walking, cycling, and leisure, seamlessly connecting key urban locales.

Sheriffhall Flyover

Funded by the Edinburgh City Region Deal in 2018, the £120 million Sheriffhall roundabout upgrade, including a planned flyover to alleviate congestion on the Edinburgh City Bypass, has yet to begin.

After facing over 2,500 objections and a public inquiry in February 2023, the project’s advancement awaits the independent reporter’s review to the Scottish Government, marking a significant yet stalled effort to improve one of the city’s busiest junctions.

  • Activity Centres

Lost Shore Surf Resort

The Lost Shore Surf Resort, emerging at Ratho, is set to become the world’s first inland surf destination. Featuring Europe’s most expansive wave pool, the resort, in collaboration with Wavegarden from Spain, promises an unparalleled surfing experience with up to 1,000 customisable waves per hour.

Alongside its innovative wave technology, guests can look forward to luxury lodges and exquisite dining options. With construction underway, the eagerly anticipated opening is slated for September 2024, marking a new era for surf enthusiasts and luxury travellers alike.

Destination Hillend

Destination Hillend is transforming the Midlothian Snowsports Centre into a vibrant, all-year leisure attraction. This £31.1 million makeover will introduce accommodations, ski services, climbing areas, and family-friendly activities like soft play, alongside dining and shopping options.

New additions also include an aerial dome, zipline, Alpine coaster, and an enhanced ski slope. With construction well underway, the facility is set to be a go-to destination by Summer 2025, broadening its appeal far beyond the winter season.

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