Understanding Edinburgh Beacon Towers guide, Design material selection and installation advice

Understanding Edinburgh’s Beacon Towers For Safety and Communication

8 April 2024

Understanding Edinburgh Beacon Towers

Beacon towers have stood tall throughout the rich history of Edinburgh. The historical landmarks and streets full of cobblestones still manage to hide the secretive beacon towers that still maintain and ensure the safety of the city and provide a sustainable communication infrastructure.

But are these towering structures still essential? What makes them more than just a bookmark of the history? Let’s reveal the mystery and benefits behind these brilliant architectures of Edinburgh:

What Are The Beacon Towers?

Historically, beacon towers are also known as signal towers, and often confused with the light houses that stand at the coastlines. They also have multiple lights or lamps with a variety of colours. Each colour is a visual indicator with a specific meaning while some beacon towers also have audible indicators.

Modern beacon towers are also gadgets that you can find commonly used in the industrial setup with multiple colours like red, yellow, and green. Correlatively, traffic lights are also form of a modern and electronic beacon towers that are more compact and easy to maintain.

The larger the beacon tower, the more area or distance it can cover to relay information (audible and visual).

The Role of Beacon Towers in Edinburgh

Beacon towers, from historical buildings to modern machines, provide a multifacet significance to the administration and operations of Edinburgh:

  • Beacon towers are used for safety and security to alert pedestrians and motorists. It is often used to signal closure of a road or to warn regarding the weather condition. In many areas, the beacon towers also play the role of navigation.
  • There are specialists that work with the beacon tower to facilitate the communication throughout the city. From parking signals to public transportations, the beacon towers convey the message and information to streamline daily life in Edinburgh.

In such a massive place as Edinburgh, it isn’t ideal to continually release audible messages as it can turn into noise pollution. Therefore, beacon towers work as silent communication tools.

Features and Benefits of Beacon Towers

What makes these beacon towers relevant in today’s tech advanced world? Well, there are many benefits, features, and even tech advancements that keep beacon towers relevant:

  • Beacon towers are highly versatile. There are many different shapes and sizes available to easily install them for any range of applications.
  • With the advent of LED lights, Beacon Towers can provide higher visibility, even in low-light or low-visibility environments. There are Xenon Beacons available in case you need extreme brightness.
  • There are different colours available for beacon tower like Red, Amber, Blue, and Green. The towers mostly come packed with all the standard colours while you can add more to cater to any specific requirement.
  • With heavy duty composition and long-lasting performance, beacon towers can stand the test of time where most modern gadgets would fail, especially due to how fragile they might be.

Beacon Tower Applications in Everyday Life

There are many roles that beacon towers fulfil in today’s world. Here’s a quick look at their contributions:

  • As Beacon towers can have red, yellow, and green lights, they work great for traffic control and to guide the drivers, pedestrians and other motorists.
  • Beacon towers are also used to control various transportation like trains, buses, and aeroplanes through visual signals and to help them navigate.
  • In construction and other areas, beacon towers are often used to show when a person can move or if the area is dangerous or off limits.
  • Many people use beacon towers as extra control and communication tool during massive events and fests.

More importantly, beacon towers are used in industrial, commercial, and everyday life to signal different types of emergencies and hazards, especially when combined with sound.

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