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The Many Advantages Of Plastic Wall Panels

11 Oct 2023

The use of durable plastic panelling in commercial and residential properties has seen a rapid increase in recent years. These plastic products come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to suit the requirements of the user. Here, you can learn more about the potential of these Plastic Wall Panels and the various products available right now!

Many Advantages of Plastic Wall Panels

Different Plastic Wall Panel Materials

The plastic wall panel products available to implement in your interior design are available in a huge variety of styles and sizes to suit various different requirements. These products come in a range of durable plastic materials which feature their own distinctive advantages for use.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is probably a plastic you will have heard of before due to its use in a huge range of household items. This material is also used to make plastic wall panels, and it offers a number of advantages to take into account when choosing the products that are right for you. The lightweight PVC makes it easier to install these plastic wall panels and offers a durable and long-lasting finish once they are installed.

Another popular material used in plastic wall panels is FRP or Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, which offers a higher durability than PVC. This makes these plastic wall panels better suited for commercial properties such as restaurants, hospitals and manufacturing buildings where there is a higher risk of moisture, chemicals and stains.

You can also buy plastic wall panels made from acrylic, a transparent thermoplastic. This plastic can be made similar to glass with a stylish look and feel and also come in a number of colours and styles. The acrylic plastic wall panels are particularly popular with residential property bathrooms and retail decorative and display walls. These acrylic wall panels offer a huge variety of styles, from wood and brick effect products to glossy colours and interesting designs.

Polycarbonate wall panels are made from durable plastic containing thermoplastic polymers with carbonate ions included in the chemical structure. This material provides an impact and shatter-proof product with high transparency with great safety advantages. Plastic wall panels made from polycarbonate are often used in properties where security and protection are a priority, like school and sports facilities.

Another durable plastic used in wall panels is HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) which is particularly useful in a sterile environment. The resistance to moisture, mould and chemicals make HDPE wall panel products ideal for commercial and industrial use whilst providing the same reliable durability as all high-density plastics.

Another plastic used in wall panels for locations in which hygiene is most important is PP (Polypropylene). These lightweight plastic panels are resistant to moisture and chemicals and are easy to maintain and keep clean once in place. Polypropylene panels can be welded together to create a seamless wall with good impact resistance!

The Benefits Of Plastic Wall Panels

These plastic wall panels can provide an effective and stylish cover for walls in all building types, from the kitchen of a residential property to the toilet of a school. There are a number of advantages to using plastic wall panels over more traditional materials such as wood, concrete and plaster.

The price of plastic wall panels, in comparison to most other building materials, is a clear advantage for anyone looking to complete a wall finish on a budget. The range of styles means that plastic wall panels are available to mimic the aesthetic of other materials like ceramic tiles or wood.

Another bonus of plastic wall panels is the simplicity of installation, making these a viable option for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The wall panels can often be mounted onto surfaces which can see walls completed in very little time and without the need for labour costs.

The moisture resistance of plastic wall panel materials like PVC and FRP is another clear benefit of these products. In locations where moisture or humidity is likely, the plastic wall panels will rot or warp like traditional building materials. This makes for a more hygienic environment and reduces the cost of maintaining or replacing walls.

Once installed, all plastic panels are sure to stay reliable and effective for much longer than other materials. The longevity and durability of the different plastics these products are made from make them the obvious choice for spaces with a high likelihood of impacts, damage or general wear and tear. The effective and stylish look of these plastic wall panels will remain with minimum maintenance removing the need for repainting and sealing the wall panels once in place.

The range of options available to anyone looking to use plastic wall panels in any upcoming projects is great for those looking for a specific aesthetic. These plastic wall panels can come in a variety of colours, textures and designs sure to suit the rest of the room they are being used. The plastic wall panel products designed to replicate the look of other building materials can provide a cost-effective way of achieving the desired style.

The use of plastic wall panels instead of other building materials offers a more hygienic finish which makes these products great for buildings like food processing plants or hospitals. The resistance to stains, mould and bacteria makes plastic wall panels, particularly ones made from highly-resistant materials like HDPE or PP.

The use of plastic as a building material may not seem like the most sustainable though the industry is constantly developing to make it a more environmentally-friendly option. Alongside the development in plastic recycling, which means these plastic wall panels could be made from recycled plastic or go on to make something else, the longevity of these products once installed could be considered positive for the environment.

Whether you’re thinking about making use of plastic wall panels for the first time or are looking to discover more about this relatively new product, we hope this piece has been useful. As you can imagine, there is a huge range of plastic wall panels to choose from which include their styles and practical benefits, so we advise doing some research before using these for the first time.

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