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What Are The Most Viewed Sports In The UK?

4 October 2022

Most viewed sports in the UK

The UK and It’s Relationship With Sports

When it comes to countries with a strong relationship with sports, one need look no further than the United Kingdom. Not many people would be surprised that the UK has spawned some of the world’s most popular sports, such as cricket, rugby, and of course football.

Sports have served more of a purpose than entertainment value however, as with the UK being one of the world’s leading sporting nations, the UK has a strong voice within the world of sporting and utilises this to strengthen its various international relations around the world.

With this in mind, what are the most popular sports within the UK? And what markets are they subject to? Throughout this article, this will all be highlighted, giving you, the reader, a perspective on some of the most popular sports within the UK.

The Most Popular Sports

The list that you are about to look at contains all of the sports that are considered to have the greatest amount of fame and popularity within the United Kingdom, whether it’s due to an inherent love for the sport, popularity within sports betting and betting website – (like, offline when checked April 27, 2024), or due to a high viewership and entertainment popularity.


Millions more watch games on TV or follow football news each week. Football is a good way to start a debate across the country, and a good percentage of the population are willing to offer their thoughts. The Premier League for example is a world-famous league followed by people all over, though many support lower-division clubs. People often have favourites in different sectors. As of today, more and more hype is being generated in regards to football due to the 2022 world cup happening in November.

Horse Racing

Despite its greater notoriety among sports bettors and gamblers, horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the United Kingdom.

In addition to smaller races, there are other prominent events, including the Royal Ascot, the Grand National and Cheltenham. These activities draw tens of thousands of individuals. When attending these huge race meetings, individuals frequently don upscale attire. “Ladies Day” at Royal Ascot is a racing season highlight.


This bat-and-ball game dates back to the seventeenth century. The game is played in the summer, when the ground is dry, because the hard leather ball needs to bounce before being struck by the willow bat. Typically, teams exist at the municipal, county, and national levels.

A cricket match can last anywhere between two hours and five days. These lengthy contests are known as Tests and take place between nations worldwide. The Hundred, a new form of competition introduced in 2021, has city-based teams and 100 balls. Cricket has generated a strong viewer base within the UK as well as a strong betting market.

Closing Statements

When it comes to the United Kingdom, this country is a buzzing hub for all kinds of athletic events and competitions. All of these sports are household names in one way or another, whether their popularity is due to their ubiquity within the sports betting sector, inside the high viewership, or international reputation they exude. All of these factors contribute to their popularity.

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