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Online Casino Statistics for Canadians: Calculate Winnings

5 May 2022

Online Casino Statistics for Canadians: How to Calculate the Possible Winnings

Do you love the thrill of gambling and the excitement of winnings? If so, you should read some tips on how to predict and win in online casinos. Many people think that playing there depends on luck but this is not true. If you know what to look for and understand the odds, you can increase your chances of winning. To do this, you can use the statistics in online casinos.

Online casino statistics for Canadians

Statistics Are on the Side of the Casino

The casino has an advantage over users, which manifests itself in different ways. When creating games, a certain level of possible winnings for players is set – RTP. Gambling establishment has a minimal advantage in such games as blackjack, baccarat, and European roulette. The house edge in roulette is 2.7%. In different variations of each game from several manufacturers, the figure may differ.

There are strategies and systems for reducing the house edge. They include a set of rules and betting schemes that are most effective in card and board games. However, it is impossible to reduce the advantage to zero. Therefore, you have to study statistics. Play Free Gonzo to try something new and check the level of possible income.

What Does RTP Mean?

This characteristic is determined by the developer when creating software. If the provider officially declares an RTP of 96%, this means that the machine returns 96% of all user bets, the remaining 4% goes to the operator and the casino.

Don’t think that if you bet $100, you will get $96 back. The real income from the reels corresponds to the indicated one only in the long run and is more in theory than in practice. The amounts are distributed among the lovers of excitement unevenly. Figuratively speaking, 10 people can make 50 spins and eventually lose money, and one user will receive all 96% of the previously lost amounts on the first spin.

A large win is from 95-96%, and ultra-high – over 97%, and this indicator is becoming more common as providers are becoming more loyal to players with the development of the market.

Slot machines with high return to player have two advantages:

  • you are more likely to receive large sums;
  • there are fewer chances of losing money in the long run.

The higher the level, the more profitable the slot.

What Additional Indicators Should Be Determined?

At first glance, all slot machines are very similar to each other and differ only in the design. However, the differences between the slots can be very significant.

To choose a slot that gives good winnings, you should first study the technical characteristics of the models available in online casinos. The description of slot machines and their parameters can be found on the websites of manufacturers and simply on the Internet, through a search engine. It is also necessary to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • Volatility indicates the level of risk for the player. Machines with high volatility give big wins, but rarely. With a low level, you can get frequent small earnings. Highly volatile slots are considered risky even at high RTP. After all, there is always the possibility that your bets will become the winning of someone else.
  • The number of pay lines along which winning combinations are formed. Two types of slots are the most profitable. The first has 9-25 lines with high multipliers. The second has 243 lines, and the big win is generated by many multipliers that fall out at the same time.
  • Availability of bonus games. They are available not in all slots. Bonus games can double your winnings or carry more risk than income. These subtleties are best learned before playing.
  • Maximum multipliers. They show how much a player can earn if the maximum number of winning combinations is dropped. It is the maximum multipliers that show how much the slot machine benefits the gambler.

Thus, the result is affected not only by RTP but also by dispersion. The lower it is, the more often the machine gives out winning combinations. True, the amounts are small.

Therefore, experienced users prefer machines with medium and high volatility. They rarely enable winnings, but the sums are large.

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