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How The Right Walls And Floor In Your Bathroom Make It Easier To Decorate

4 September 2022

When decorating your bathroom, one of the most important things you can do is choose the right floors and walls. These essentially form the blank canvas on which the rest of your décor will stand.

If you’re wondering whether the right walls and floor really make that big of a difference, you’re not the only one. Keep reading to learn more about how the right walls and floor can make your bathroom easier to decorate.

Right bathroom walls and floor make decorating easier

Waterproof Tiles Reduce Mold

When you’re decorating your bathroom, you need to keep the fact that it is a damp space in mind. This dampness also means mold is a pretty common issue in most bathrooms. As a result, you’ll need to design the rest of your bathroom around this issue.

For example, mold can feed on soap scum and open soap, so you’ll have to use soap tins even if you dislike the look. Furthermore, mold also feeds on organic cloth fibers, limiting your choice of soft furnishings like bath mats.

Waterproof tiles resist and reduce mold growth by taking away a damp space on which it can grow. This means you’ll have a greater number of design choices open to you.

Ceramic Tiles Can Handle Weight

If your bathroom is tiled, you need to be cognizant that the tiles can break if something over their weight capability is placed on top. Luckily, ceramic tiles like porcelanosa tiles can handle a lot of weight, including the weight of major furniture pieces. So, if you’re worried about whether your tiles will hold up under the weight of your design plans, with the right floor tiles, you don’t have to worry.

Tiles Can be a Design Element

That’s right – with a little creativity, you can use tiles as a design element themselves! Specifically, you can use tiles to create beautiful mosaic patterns in your bathroom. These can be abstract patterns or recognizable shapes – whatever you want.

Essentially, think of mosaics as art that is a part of your walls – and choosing the right tiles will ensure they’ll last in your bathroom for years to come!

Use Tiles and Flooring to Bring in Color

When people think of bathrooms, they generally think of white floors and walls. However, there’s no reason that you need to stick to this color.

If you’re looking for ways to experiment with your bathroom design, playing with the tiles for the walls and the floors is a good idea. You can choose colored tiles, allowing you to bring in color into the space without going overboard with the decorations.

On the other hand, if you prefer the traditional white, you can still bring in a sprinkle of color using colored tiles to create a thin band on the walls or make any other pattern that would fit into your design scheme.

Right bathroom walls and floors decoration guide

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom walls and floor can seem like a futile exercise if you aren’t aware of the differences between the types of tiles. However, make sure to speak to a shop attendant for help if this is the case – as you can see, your bathroom and home design scheme depends upon it!

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