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Chandeliers X-Factor For Your Home Decor

3 September 2022

For those of us interested in interior design, we are constantly looking for ways we can give our home the wow factor with that special interior design touch. Lighting is essential in any home; good lighting can make or break the feel of whole rooms and houses. As we move into Autumn and the dark nights draw closer this becomes even more important as our lights which lay dormant during the summer now take centre stage. So, how can we use our lighting choices in a more special way in our home?

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Chandeliers: The X-Factor For Your Home Design

The answer is chandeliers. Chandeliers have been used since the medieval period by the nobility of the time but really rose to prominence in the 18th century in Britain and France as the British invented the first glass chandelier in 1720. Back then they had a fairly plain design but for centuries people have understood the showstopping impact of a chandelier.

Today there are chandeliers of all different types and shapes available, from the typical classical designs to more industrial-themed chandeliers such as those sold by interior design firm Buster + Punch. Unlike their 18th-century forebears, these newer chandeliers celebrate all things industrial and feature exposed wires and naked bulbs. This really helps to bring the beauty and majesty of industry to the fore and can look incredible in a modern flat or any property with exposed brickwork etc. Whatever the style of your home or business there is a chandelier to match that is bound to dazzle guests.

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Considerations when buying your chandelier include the cost, the style of the chandelier, and the ease of maintenance. Be aware if you’re buying a chandelier with tens of bulbs you could seemingly spend your whole life changing bulbs as they’re bound to run out with regular usage!

However, don’t let these considerations put you off getting a chandelier as they really can provide the x-factor for any home that will impress guests with its opulence and bring light and luxury into your spaces.

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