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Rossyln Castle to be transformed into tourist accommodation in Scotland

23 September 2021

This 15th century architectural gem in Scotland has gained worldwide fame ever since its appearance in the 2006 film The Da Vinci Code. Dan Brown implies in his bestselling book that the Rosslyn Chapel may hold buried treasures in the shape of priceless texts salvaged from a fire well over 500 years ago, but the Holy Grail has yet to be discovered, according to historians.

William Sinclair engaged the best masons in Europe to build a private family church in unique symbolic sculptures adorn both the outside and interior, each conveying a different tale. Master Mason and Apprentice Pillars are the most beautiful of them all at this historic Midlothian property.

The Sinclairs were supposed to be Templar Knights who traveled the world in search of old riches, which may or may not be hidden in the family vault.

Another myth that goes around is that the Medieval themed Excalibur hotel and casino In Las Vegas, designed by Circus Circus enterprises supported by a casino developer was inspired after this infamous castle. We found it a bit farfetched as the hotel and casino in Nevada don’t resemble anything to this ancient jewel. Apart from the fact that an accommodation is being added in the historic Castle the two have nothing much in common.

Rossyln Castle Scotland tourist accommodation

Rossyln Chapel Renovation

Infamous poets and painters such as Robert Burns, Walter Scott, William Wordsworth, Robert Nasmyth, and Queen Victoria visited it during the Romantic Era. It is now available to the public so that we may all learn about Rosslyn Chapel´s secrets and legends.

Rossyln chapel will undergo a major renovation as part of the ancient property is converted into accommodation for tourists.

The historic Midlothian property, which has existed 15 min from the city centre of Edinburgh, for centuries, will be given a fresh breath of existence when a section is converted into new lodging.

The project is anticipated to revitalize the stronghold and allow it to stand strong for the next decades. Furthermore, it willprovide more revenue for the Rosslyn Chapel Trust, after years of deterioration.

“This planned project would assist in avoiding further degradation of critical portions of the castle´s East Range, both above and below ground. The latter suffered from persistent water infiltration over centuries,” said Ian Gardner, director of the trust.

Rossyln Castle to be transformed as tourist accommodation

Win win situation

“This would also enhance the visitor experience while also ensuring the long-term viability of one of Midlothian’s most significant historical structures.”

The castle will feature a kitchen and living area and enough beds to comfortably accommodate six people, according to the designs that have been filed for approval.

To bring the structure into the twenty-first century, a variety of more contemporary fixtures, such as heating and insulation, will be installed.

We are ecstatic to have been chosen to participate in this fascinating initiative that will improve the structure for decades to come.

Rosslyn Chapel

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