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Should you buy materials before or during a building project?

10 August 2022

Aside from the obvious stress of having your home or construction site made messier, big renovation projects also need a lot of building materials and organisation. These can range from anything from flooring to carpets, tiles and expensive tools. If you’re planning on renovating your home, take some time to consider when you want your building materials and tools delivered.

Should you buy materials before a building project

Buying and storing your materials

If you plan on buying your materials before your renovation project, you need to think about where to store them in the meantime. Most houses aren’t big enough to host a lot of building materials, so a storage facility will need to be employed which costs time and money. And that’s before we get to fuel prices for all those trips back and forth between your home and the storage facility.

It is best to consider whether this option is economical as it often throws up unexpected costs.

What can and can’t easily be stored

The most obvious storage space in any home is the loft. If it isn’t already filled with the kids’ old toys and schoolbooks, this is a great place to store your building materials. The only problem is when insulation is compromised by placing heavy boxes on the wool insulation, making it less effective and costing you more money in the long run.

If you have lots of things to store, there are ways in which to avoid this problem. One method is to raise the height of your joists on which you can attach chipboard panels to create a solid storage surface that doesn’t impact the insulation. Alternatively, use chipboard which has inbuilt insulation backing that are available from most stores. Once installed, store to your heart’s content. Plywood sheets and boards are perfect for storage as they’re light and slim.

Other important factors to consider

If you decide not to store your materials and buy them in time for your project, consider the safety of your materials and tools and how vulnerable they are to theft. In London, tool theft has cost tradespeople over £38 million in the last two years alone. Be particularly mindful of your tools’ value. Thieves are 10 times more likely to steal powered hand tools than unpowered ones.

Construction workers are often advised not to store their tools in their vans overnight or if they do, to park their car in CCTV covered car parks in well-lit areas. This is to of course deter any potential thieves from breaking in and taking valuable power tools and accessories. Alternatively, purchase an alarm or lockable interior cabinet if you’re storing your materials in your van.

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