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What makes the Italian Style so unique – design doors news

9 August 2022

When it comes to architecture and design, one of the fundamental milestones (in terms of history, aesthetic, global influence and current trends) is the so-called “Italian Style”. Everybody knows that Italians are masters of style in almost every sector, from the haute cuisine to the haute couture. And all the practices pertaining the building construction and the internal décor of them are no exception in this regard.

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What makes the Italian Style so unique: the design doors case

In the past decades, many have tried to solve this mystery: what makes the Italian Style so unique? Do they have a special taste, an innate “sense of beauty”? Does it come from their history, from the fact of being surrounded by thousands of stunning pieces of art (made by their ancestors, by the way, which reinforces the idea of something inbred), many of which are commonly considered authentic masterpieces?

Probably the answer is easier and less “philosophical” than we may think. One of the most evident aspects of Italian Style, especially in design and house décor, is the extreme attention to details. Nothing is neglected, every single element represents a contribution to the building of a sense of overall beauty. An object of décor has not just a practical function: it has an aesthetic one as well, and this is no less important than the first one.

Let’s take the house’s internal doors, for example: for many others, they’re just a useful tool, a gate – that people can open or close, at their convenience – between two different house environments. For the Italians, they’re already a piece of design, actually the first one that the house’s owners propose to the visitors’ view. This is probably the reason why so many Italian brands specialized in doors’ manufacturing are universally considered fully-fledged masters of design: it’s the case, for instance, of Cocif, a company that produces doors indiscriminately for private houses, hotels and public buildings. If we take a look at their online catalogue (here’s the link), you can realize immediately how the aesthetic part and the care for design go hand in hand with the functional aspect of their artifacts. And it’s not just a matter of identity: at least for what concerns the doors, the Italian Style can be extremely versatile.

Once again, the Cocif’s catalogue can help us understand. Inside of it, we can find every kind of internal door, from the classical Italian patterns to the French doors, from the sliding models to the newest frameless ones. The company is also able to customize their products, according to the single client’s request: this way, anyone can have a personalized service, and basically can define his/her own style. Even for what concerns the materials, the variety is guaranteed: besides the finest woods, we can find different kinds of metal and crushproof glass, for a more modern design.

If we take a closer look at these artifacts, we can appreciate how nothing is left to chance. Trims, decorations and ornamental elements are given the same importance as the functional parts. Probably this is the ultimate secret of the Italian Style: the search of beauty and usefulness at their utmost levels.

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