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Top 5 Benefits Of Solar Energy For Commercial Buildings

13 December 2023

While the installation of solar panels has become very popular in residential buildings, the trend is starting to branch out into commercial properties as well. Solar panels have seen a boom in popularity in recent years as the world struggles with the cost of living and energy crisis’, as well as the general public’s desire to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

By installing solar panels to your commercial property, you are opening yourself up to a new world of possibilities. From reduced energy bills and becoming more sustainable, to energy independence and potentially boosting your property’s value. This article is set to outline the key five benefits that you could receive by installing a solar energy system to your commercial buildings.

Top 5 Benefits Of Solar Energy For Commercial Building Designs

Top 5 benefits of solar energy for commercial buildings

1. Cut Your Operational Costs

One of the biggest, and most discussed, benefits of changing to solar energy is the reduction of your energy bills. By installing solar panels, you are able to generate your own electricity through sustainable means. Ensuring that your business has a reliable energy source that will fulfil your requirement is essential, as the following devices or technologies that your business may rely upon are powered by electricity:

  • Cooking
  • Air conditioning
  • Space heating
  • Lighting and electronics
  • Water heating
  • Refrigeration

Although the essential investment of installing a solar panel system is quite significant, you will earn your money back and more during your solar panel’s lifespan.

2. Solar Panels Can Increase Your Property Value

As the world tries to become more environmentally friendly in the hope of beating climate change, green initiatives are becoming increasingly more popular. The same can be said for energy efficiency methods like solar panels, which is resulting in properties with solar panels becoming more in-demand.

This can have a knock on effect relating to your property’s value. According to the MFS, by installing a solar panel system to your property, you may see its value shoot up by as much as 25%. Not only could your property be worth more with solar panels, but it may also sell quicker and easier.

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3. Good For The Environment

We have already discussed the sustainability factor relating to solar energy. But as the world acts to reduce its carbon footprint in its effort to get to net carbon zero, we cannot stress how important solar energy is in the fight against climate change.

As the popularity of solar panels continues to grow, the amount of people changing to this alternative method of generating power is astounding. According to Solar Energy UK, during 2022 in the UK the amount of rooftop solar panel installations doubled in a year. The experts believe that the ongoing energy crisis, as well as the public’s desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle, are the key factors in this trend.

4. Solar Panels Have Low Maintenance Costs

If you choose to invest in solar panels, you will be happy to hear that they have a long (estimated) lifespan and are low maintenance. In order to ensure your solar panels are working as efficiently as possible, you should schedule them for inspections and cleaning on an annual basis. If you cannot complete the cleaning process yourself, there are professionals that offer this service. Additionally, solar panels are expected to last approximately 25 years, with the materials used designed to withstand hail, wind, rain, and snow.

5. Protection Against The Threat Of Power Outages

Aside from the cost and environmental benefits of solar panels, one of the greatest factors that solar energy offers is independence. Through the installation of solar panels you will no longer be reliant on the national grid, which has come under increasing strain in recent years. Properties that are solely reliant on the national grid find themselves vulnerable to power outages, which can occur as a result of bad weather or electrical issues. Whereas solar panel systems, which feature a solar battery, can store the electricity generated and use it when required.

Install solar panels yourself and save money

Top 5 Benefits Of Solar Energy For Commercial Buildings Summary

Through the installation of a solar panel system on your commercial property, you will receive a host of benefits that were not previously available to your business. While they may seem like an expensive investment to begin with, over time solar panels more than pay for themselves, and they also ensure that you are no longer at the mercy of the national grid. Solar panels can reduce your energy bills, help your business become more environmentally friendly, and they are also very low maintenance. Additionally, your commercial property’s value may skyrocket as a result of installing solar panels.

Are you convinced that your business would benefit through the installation of solar panels? Companies like Business Solar UK are well-established within the industry to help you compare different commercial solar panel suppliers to ensure you get the best fit for your business.

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