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Unique Houses in Terms of Architecture in Edinburgh, Scotland

16 Feb 2021

Edinburgh, Scotland, is recognized all around the globe for its magnificent architecture and unique style. The city offers a whole range of styles and characteristics, starting with the traditional Old Town, to classical Georgian New Town, and up to the modern Quartermile. In general, Edinburgh is a fantastic and picturesque city that has always been interesting for students who wanted to become architects. As mentioned in numerous reviews, a considerable number of learners were browsing the Internet, asking, “Who can do my assignment cheap?” as they were eager to head to Scotland and get an opportunity to explore the unique architecture of Edinburgh.

However, before you immerse yourself in a completely new experience, it is crucial to learn some important facts. Currently, an increasing number of children, teenagers, youngsters, and adults are excited to come to the city just to roam around its streets and enjoy eye-catching houses and magnificent buildings. However, apart from the unique style and architecture, Edinburgh is known for the maximum safety of the property.

Unique Houses in Terms of Architecture in Edinburgh

Unique Houses in Terms of Architecture in Edinburgh, Scotland – Historic Periods

Basically, travelling around Edinburgh, you have an extraordinary chance to observe three main historical periods.

  • The Stuart Period. When in Edinburgh, you should start with the Old Town. Come across fantastic cobbled streets, impressive buildings, and narrow lanes to relish unforgettable architecture. Additionally, you will have an exceptional chance to observe a well-known Royal Mile, which has recently been named the second most impressive street in the UK.

Going back to the 16th century, you can find reasonable explanations of why the Edinburgh streets look this way. Due to the ultimate proximity of the city walls and exceptionally narrow streets, tenements had to be narrow and tall. Although some of them were later rebuilt, others remained the same.

The Old Town has a win-win location, suitable for students, professionals, and tourists who are interested in architecture.

  • The Georgian Period. If you look back to the history of Edinburgh, you will find out interesting information about the construction of the New Town. It appeared between 1765 and 1890, as the Old Town got overcrowded. This part of the city looks slightly different. Neoclassical buildings, symmetrical streets, green open areas, and eye-catching gardens leave no one indifferent. Throughout the years, the place remains historically valuable due to its influential architecture and peculiar style.

Originally, the New Town was created for the upper classes, which means the architecture here is more aristocratic and exclusive. Every single home has specific features that make it extraordinary. Although the New Town looks old, it offers a convenient and comfortable life. Excellent transport links make it a top destination for college students, professional tenants, and just ambitious adventurers.

  • The Victorian Period. Instead of browsing the Internet in search of the Academic Paper Help with your college task, architecture students should focus on the unlimited opportunities offered in Edinburgh. Marchmont is a fantastic place that represents a specific period in the history of the city’s development.

    It was originally developed as a middle-class district. Later, the buildings were revolutionized, and now homes have running water, lightning, gas, and other conveniences. Additionally, the style and architecture of this part of the city resemble the usual ones. However, there are few buildings that may serve as the best examples of the Victorian Period architecture.

Top 3 Edinburgh Buildings with Exclusive Style

If you have always been eager to travel to Edinburgh to enjoy its unforgettable architecture and immerse yourself in the spirit of old age, you need to be determined and make a plan. There is no need to deny that the city offers an unlimited number of impressive locations and places worth visiting. Check out some of the most known and appreciated ones that will fully display the style of the city.

Circus Lane

Start searching the web for the famous places in Edinburgh, and you will definitely come across the pictures of Circus Lane. It is an impressive narrow lane located in the New Town. The site fascinated visitors with the views of prestigious streets, picturesque houses, and unique gardens around each building.

Scotsman Steps

It is, probably, one of the most iconic places that connect two different worlds. Scotsman Steps link the New and Old Towns of Edinburgh and are the crossroad of the centuries and their styles. The location is a true piece of art that is made in the form of a marble staircase. The area features the most different types of marbles that are gathered from all over the world. Various colours, textures, and shapes make Scotsman Steps a fantastic place.

The Botanic Cottage

Forget about the botanic gardens you have previously seen. The Botanic Cottage in Edinburgh will completely change your mind and will give you an opportunity to view the area from a completely different perspective. It is a remarkable historic place that managed to preserve its original architecture and unique style.

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Edinburgh Architecture

St James Quarter Edinburgh
St James Quarter Edinburgh
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St James Quarter

Powderhall Stables Building
Powderhall Stables, Broughton Edinburgh property
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Powderhall Stables Building News

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