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What Are the Most Popular Online Roulette Games Guide

29 August 2022

Do you believe that all roulette games are the same? You cannot possibly be more wrong! The game comes in various versions. When it comes to game-winning probabilities and themes, each roulette game is unique. The game of roulette has changed over time from how it was when Pascal invented the wheels in France. There are numerous variations of the game available today, both in traditional casinos and online.

One thing remains constant in roulette, and that is the wheels. Whether you are playing the French or American variant, it stands that the wheels are ever rolling with a ball that can land in any of the labelled pockets. All that is needed is to accurately predict the one in which the ball will land. You don’t need to travel the world to play the version of roulette you love, as most of them are available online. Let’s introduce you to the most popular roulette games.

What are the most popular online roulette games

What Are the Most Popular Online Roulette Games List

American Roulette

Just like every other roulette out there, the American variant is pretty much the same except for one very small detail – it has an extra green pocket with double zero. This seemingly minute detail should not be ignored as casinos have an advantage over payers with that alone. You should know that the extra zeros weren’t always there. The space was originally blank. Casinos soon found out that adding an extra zero instead of leaving it blank could increase their house edge, and that was what they did. Even with this, high-risk takers love the game.

European Roulette

The European roulette has just one green pocket. This means there is only a single zero. This makes the odds when betting on a European wheel 1 in 37 as compared to 1 in 38 when playing American Roulette. The house edge is significantly lower in the case of European Roulette also. So, what do you say to a round on these wheels with better odds of winning?

French Roulette

This variation stands out as a game that genuinely benefits its players. French roulette has its own rules, En Prison and La Partage, despite being played on European wheels. In the instance of En Prison, your money is not yet lost if the ball lands on zero, an outside bet. In a sense, it is “contained” until you place the next wager. You only get your stake back if you win the game; else, you lose it. When the ball hits on zero when you are playing at a table using the La Partage rule, your wager is split in half, with one half going to you.

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Age of Gods Roulette

Playing this version gives you the chance of winning big due to a special feature – the progressive jackpot. On every bet placed by players, a certain percentage is removed, which is used to expand the jackpot pool, which is given to the lucky winner.

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