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What Can You Expect from Air Conditioning Guide

22 Nov 2021

What Can You Expect from Air Conditioning for Your Business? Your Top Questions Answered

We are all aware of the value of comfort in our workplaces, and having a comfortable workplace can lead to much better productivity from your staff. On the other hand, when a place is too hot (or too cold), it can hamper everyone’s concentration, and it will be unpleasant for your clients and can even affect their impression of your business. But since air conditioning can be an investment, it pays to think more about its benefits – and why it’s an investment that’s worthwhile. So what can you expect from air conditioning for your business? Here are the answers to your top questions.

What can you expect from air conditioning?

What Can You Expect from Air Conditioning for Your Business

  • It can enhance staff productivity

You may already know this, but it’s worth mentioning because it can have a substantial impact. For example, a survey conducted by both Syracuse University and Harvard University found that employees were more productive and had better performance at work when they were in an environment with improved ventilation. To get started, go to newcastleairconditioning.co.uk for more information about ventilation solutions.

In addition, the survey showed that employees’ performance increased by as much as 61% when it came to cognitive and logic tasks, and staff headaches decreased by 30%. But another surprising finding from the survey was that employees slept better during the night, as the quality of their sleep was tracked using wristbands. As a result, they woke up rested and alert and ready to tackle the new workday.

  • It’s appreciated by customers and visitors

If your business is such that you have visitors and customers coming in regularly, it’s essential to give them the right impression. So, for example, if you have visitors entering your premises and it either feels like entering a chiller or going into an oven, this won’t bode well for their impression of your business at all! But if they walk into your premises and feel the cool and cosy indoor environment, they can have a better impression – and they are bound to stay longer, too.

  • It can help you save money

Here’s something that may surprise you: air conditioning systems can help you save money. The reason for this is simple: if you are currently using portable heaters and fans to keep your employees warm and cool, respectively, how many do you use for your premises? Wouldn’t it be more logical, economical, and practical to install an AC system that can alternatively cool or heat your property?

The good news about air conditioning systems today is that they are much more efficient in energy consumption, so you don’t have to worry too much about soaring electricity bills, as air conditioning, Surrey professionals like Sub-Cool FM attest. Apart from this, you can take advantage of heat recovery systems, further contributing to your savings.

Of course, for your air conditioning to work at optimum performance and avoid issues, it’s essential to have it regularly serviced (around once or twice a year if you have a dusty indoor environment, such as a hair salon).

  • It enhances your property’s security

Proper security is vital for any business, but you can enhance your property’s security with an air conditioning installation because you no longer have to keep your windows or doors open throughout the day. Since those access points are kept closed, you can automatically protect your business’ assets.

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Text source: https://phys.org/news/2017-05-air-quality-productivity.html

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