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Why Esports Is Becoming More Popular Guide

28 Dec 2020

Esports competitions appeared almost with the release of the first video games. But if earlier they were often just a hobby, now you can make some good money on these games. The prize money for participation and victories in various tournaments has long exceeded millions of dollars, and recently there are more and more rumors that cyber athletes will compete for the first time at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. But why has the game industry become so interesting to society?

Why esports is becoming more popular

Why Esports Is Becoming More Popular – Reasons

The history of esports has come a long way – see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esports. One of the first competitions was held at Stanford University in 1972. It was a Spacewar game and the members were lured into it with free beer. The winner received a one-year subscription to the Rolling Stones magazine.

In the 70s and 80s, such competitions were often held, but they looked more like friendly gatherings than a serious sporting event. The real dawn of esports began in the 90s. Then the first cash prizes appeared, and the first online competitions. Nintendo raffled off $ 10,000 at the World Championship on consoles. In 1997, the Quake computer game tournament took place, where a brand new Ferrari car was played, and just a few weeks later the first professional esports league appeared.

Then new esports games began to appear, broadcasts were carried out. The prize pools grew, as did the number of participants and spectators. Over time, bookmakers began to accept bets on certain competitions. More and more sportsbook sites are adding esports to their catalogs. You can already find this category on Michael Boettcher’s Shangri La platform.

The industry has grown to the point where there has been talk of adding esports to the Olympics.

Major games

Not every game can be called esports, even if it is very popular. The conditions in the game for everyone should be the same, or as close to it as possible. In addition, the element of randomness should be minimized. It is for this reason that one of the most popular games of 2017 and 2018 cannot enter the full-fledged esports arena, although both fans and developers really want it. Now we can name the big six among the games that are esports.

FIFA – everything is simple here, this is an ordinary football simulator where two players play against each other. Initially, the competition was held in computer clubs, later via the Internet. Now the qualifiers for major tournaments are held online, the strongest go to the LAN final. In early August, the FIFA18 World Cup was held, the champion of which was Mossad Aldosari. The young man earned 250 thousand dollars. There are several major e-football competitions per year. And every year the number of those wishing to compete for a large cash prize is becoming more and more.

Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter familiar to many people, even those who are not even familiar with computer games. 2 teams of 5, normal shooting is not the most advanced graphics. It would seem how can such a show be attracted? But professional players don’t think so. They come up with many tactics for this or that location. The advantage of this game is its availability and prevalence. At every major tournament, in addition to the favorites, there are always several underdogs that can “shoot”. In 2018, the regular major tournament was already held, the team that took the first place, earned 500 thousand dollars.

Dota 2 and League of Legends are similar games. Both games appeared thanks to one game – War Craft, or rather the Dota map. Both games of the MOBA genre are multiplayer online battle arena. 2 teams, each with 5 participants, choose heroes and fight for supremacy. 2011 was a key year for the dota2 game, when valve started hosting the international tournament. This is the largest tournament in this game with the largest prize pool. In 2018, the teams played $ 24 million against each other, with the winners taking 11.

In addition to the all these games, which can be called, probably, the most popular and demanded at the moment, competitions are also held in other disciplines. As soon as such games appear, they appear on the Shangri La, Darren Keane, CEO of the brand said.

Earnings from video game tournaments

In addition to major tournaments, cyber athletes also have third-party earnings, because championships are not held every day and often it is not always possible to win at them. Big-name players have their teams and sponsors that generate income for them. In addition, professional players conduct streams on various resources, where everyone can reward the player. Almost all eminent cyber athletes use this way of earning money. Most professionals have enough for bread and butter and a comfortable existence. But don’t think that this is simple money. Video games for esports players are a full-fledged job. It is necessary to constantly train, and often cyber athletes have to spend 15 hours a day at the computer.

esports Popularity

It is clear that esports is popular for its affordability. Now it is enough to have a computer to try to become a professional. Undoubtedly, everyone who wants to can not become a professional player, because this requires a lot of effort. But the beauty of esports is that there are no boundaries on the Internet and, accordingly, you can try yourself in many disciplines. There are many examples of people who play for famous teams and achieve success.

But even if you don’t play professionally, you can enjoy tournaments and even make money from them. By betting on your knowledge of the game and using your intuition, you can make good money.

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