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4 Benefits Of Adding Glass Box Extensions To Your Home

21 March 2022

Most homeowners wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to make their house more aesthetically pleasing or stylish, even for just a bit. After all, who wouldn’t want to impress their guests?

But while there are several ways to accomplish such a goal, if you want to get excellent value for your money, you’d prefer to opt for a renovation that wouldn’t merely be eye-candy. It must be a renovation that adds to your house’s aesthetics and utility. If that’s what you’re looking for, glass box extensions, also known as frameless conservatories, might strike your fancy.

4 benefits of adding glass box extensions to home

Glass box extensions are, in essence, a type of room mostly made of glass, though they may vary in design according to the service provider. The ones in glasspace.com, for instance, follows a contemporary style of architecture. But regardless of design, glass box extensions offer several benefits. If you’re interested, here’s a look at four of its potential benefits to your home.

4 Benefits Of Adding Glass Box Extensions To Your Home – List

  1. They Can Improve Comfort Levels At Your Home

Comfort is arguably the most crucial aspect of a house. In fact, you most likely allocate most of your budget to improve the comfort aspect of your home. You install air conditioners to improve comfort for you and your family. You hire pest control services to remove pests that may disrupt the household’s comfort. You buy new bedrooms for better comfort.

So, what does this have to do with glass box extensions? You may ask.

To start with, glass box extensions allow for natural lighting to enter your home. While that may not seem like much, natural lighting actually has a lot to do with a building’s comfort levels. According to a case study, there is evidence that natural lights do indeed improve the visual comfort of a building’s occupants. It may not be conclusive, but it’s safe to say that a glass box extension can potentially improve comfort levels at your home, which is always a nice benefit.

  1. You Can Cut Down On Energy Bills

Apart from its aesthetic aspect, natural lighting can also help you save money since it means a lower need for artificial light. It also decreases the need to use heating systems, further reducing the amount of energy your house uses daily. Although you can enhance the natural lighting in other ways, such as installing additional windows, it may cost you a hefty amount of money.

For your reference, window installation typically costs around USD$150 to USD$800 or USD$40 per hour. Since you’re spending money anyway, why not use it for glass box extensions?

  1. They Add More Space To Your Home

Despite the rather fancy name of glass box extensions, one must remember that it’s still essentially a type of room. And much like any room, it adds space to your home. This is another benefit of adding glass box extensions to your home. With this additional space, you can choose to build a viewing area, guest room, lounge area, or a room to indulge in your hobby, such as a pool room.

Granted, it is typically cheaper to install a standard room in your house instead, but it would still cost you around USD$22,000 to USD$75,000, which may vary according to various factors. Meanwhile, the installation of glass box extension has an average cost of USD$57,000. Though it’s a bit more expensive, it’s not very far behind in terms of affordability. Therefore, if you’re planning to spend money on adding a new room anyway, why not go all out and add a glass box extension instead? That way, you can get the most out of your investment.

  1. A Glass Box Extension Increases Home Value

Although it’s not necessarily a benefit unique to glass box extensions, it’s still worth mentioning that this kind of renovation will undoubtedly increase your home value. Such a benefit can be pretty handy if you have plans to sell the house in the future. If you aren’t familiar with how home value works, it’s basically how much your house is worth if you were to sell it.

add glass box extension to house guide

To further clarify, a glass box extension can potentially increase home value. So, while it does cost quite a bit to install, you can potentially earn a portion of the money back if you were to sell real estate property. But that’s not all it can offer when it comes to real estate.

You must also keep in mind that selling a house isn’t exactly the easiest task since you have to properly advertise the property. However, a glass box extension could help market your home since it can easily make it stand out from other buildings in the neighbourhood.

4 benefits of adding glass box extensions to home – Takeaways

Not all home renovations are beneficial to a house. Some are specifically designed to only serve as eye-candy to guests, while others improve utility but can be an eyesore. A glass box extension, however, should improve both aesthetics and utility.

It increases comfort levels and space at your home, reduces energy consumption, and increases the home’s real estate value. If you have the budget, it’s undoubtedly one of the best investments you can make for your home.

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