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5 Myths About Bed Bugs Guide

5 July 2021

Hundreds of myths are associated with bed bugs that we believe are true. According to these beliefs, we follow endless procedures to get rid of bed bug infestation. Though such bed treating techniques like pet-friendly pesticides and bleach water work for a while, the bed bugs always win the fight and conquer the area again. The best solution to this struggle is to look for the best bed bug pest control company and call for professionals.

5 myths about bed bugs

Here, we have created a list that will enlighten you about the myths that you believe are true about bed bugs:

5 Myths You Believe Are True About Bed Bugs

  1. You can see bed bugs with naked eyes

If this myth were true, you wouldn’t have been struggling with your worst enemy. While you can easily see adult bed bugs, you can kill them without effort, and others are hard to find. The size of bed bugs varies; adults may be as big as a grain of rice, juveniles are tiny to be seen properly. Additionally, when adults are hungry, they are of rust color and turn to black when full. On the other hand, larval stage bugs are red, and you cannot see them unless the background is white.

  1. Vacuum is the enemy of bed bugs

You must have the advice to use vacuum cleaners to get rid of bed bugs, but they are not your saviors. You have to carefully inspect the tubing, beater brush, filter, and other attachments every time you empty it. Plus, you have to follow this ritual every time you vacuum your space.

Though vacuum cleaners suck up the critters, it becomes their new home. Ultimately, your house again gets full of bugs, and the cycle of cleaning continues. You will be able to find quality vacuums at the most affordable prices to deal with bedbugs on your own.

  1. Bed bugs jump from place to place

Bed bugs never jump. They only crawl from one place to another. So you must be careful if there are bugs in your house.

  1. Only dirty places are full of bugs

If you believe only those who don’t clean up properly and live in a mess face bed bugs infestation, you must change your mind. Bed bugs survive on blood, not dirt. Therefore, a person who loves cleaning may struggle through the bed bugs problem in his space. These tiny creatures only need a space to hide and you cannot see them through the naked eyes. If you see any signs of bed bugs, it is the right time to pick up your phone and call a professional for help.

  1. You don’t need professionals to handle the situation

You may believe that you can take care of these bed bugs, but without help from professionals, you will never get rid of them. Therefore, look for the best bed bug treatment company that helps you win the battle.

The experts know how to spot the price location of the infestation and the proper treatment to get rid of them immediately.

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