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How To Achieve A Minimalist Design In Your Kitchen

8 December 2022

Minimalism is the new trend in interior design, and here’s why this style is a fantastic idea: it guarantees both functionality and aesthetics. Since your kitchen is a high-traffic area, making the most of it is imperative. Minimalism relies on the concept that ‘less is more’; it’s an art that focuses on simplicity.

Just as the name suggests, a minimal space requires a de-cluttered aesthetic, but how does one achieve a neat design when the kitchen is among the messiest rooms of a home? That’s what you’ll learn in this blog, so keep reading to find out how to create a stunning minimalist kitchen.

Achieve a Minimalist Design in Your Kitchen

Consider cabinetry

Cabinets are an essential element in the design of a kitchen. One crucial step in achieving a minimalist design is paying attention to how you arrange cabinetry, as you want to create a tidy look for the cooking space. The colour of the cabinets is just as important as it impacts the overall aesthetic. For instance, opting for darker tones like coffee brown or walnut will give the space a rich appearance. On the other hand, lighter hues like pastel pink and light blue are a better option if you want to create a fresher atmosphere. The key to achieving minimalism in your cooking space is using handleless cabinets that makes an elegant scheme. Hidden storage can keep the kitchen uncluttered while providing open areas where you can display special items.

Similarly, gloss kitchen units are your go-to when seeking a minimalist design. They are incredibly versatile, allowing you to get the desired look. The reason why they fit perfectly into a minimalist kitchen is that they make the space look larger than it is. High gloss kitchens are sophisticated, so this style is perfect for those looking to bring this element into their living space.

Choose the right shades

Colour is a very powerful element in interior design, as it determines what kind of vibe the kitchen will give. Opting for a monochromatic scheme is one way of becoming minimalist. White kitchens are a popular choice among homeowners because they make the space look larger. No one can deny that this design will always look fresh and stylish! But lighter hues like beige or grey are just as nice. To avoid monotony, you can complement this colour scheme with diverse textures such as marble or stainless steel. We aren’t saying you should opt for a plain kitchen; instead, consider adding splashes of natural colours like wood to maintain the space’s liveliness. Also, if you want to make the room look deeper, consider a matte finish. Keep in mind that you should never use colours randomly when designing a kitchen and, instead, consider the purpose they serve.

Use adequate lighting

Your kitchen can only make a statement if you consider lighting carefully. You may think that you should have only one lighting in a minimalist space, but that’s not true. Instead, it is about choosing a simple design that complements the space while maintaining its naturality. When selecting the right type of light, start by considering the kitchen’s overall function and design. A minimalist cooking space is all about simplicity and harmony, and one way to achieve that is by installing an ample pendant light. Consider adding extra lighting to include an architectural air in the aesthetic, but make sure it isn’t something grand – always remember the principle of minimalism that says you should stick to fewer elements in the design. The space should be well-lit, so consider using accent lights to enable easy movement and make the design clutter-free. Minimalist lights can help you live more comfortably, so be sure to make the right choice.

Add a unique touch

A minimalist design doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to rules that will result in a cold and impersonal room. It’s about making considered decisions and using elements that will help you achieve simplicity. Thus, consider adding your personal touch when designing the space, such as a pendant light, a piece of ornament, or a stunning artwork. Consider hanging pictures with food on your kitchen’s walls – it’s a cost-effective way to express your creativity and unique style. If you love plants, adding them to the cooking space is an excellent idea. That’s because plants filter toxins, keeping you healthy. On top of that, they make the kitchen feel more inviting. Any of these elements will make a significant difference in the kitchen, so choose what best suits your personality.

Stay organised

This is a golden rule of minimalist design! You should keep everything in the kitchen organised, so the space looks as neat as possible. Hence, start by considering all the items in your kitchen, and group them into categories based on how frequently you use them. For instance, there are some items you use daily and others that don’t have a critical function, and you could easily get rid of. On the other hand, what you use daily and weekly should be placed somewhere easily accessible – it’s probably a bad idea to put the saucepan at the back of the cupboard. Also, make sure to get a cutlery organiser, as it can help you avoid rifling through all the knives and forks when looking for a spoon. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later for making this investment – especially when you’re in a hurry and can’t waste time unnecessarily.

Are you ready to create a simple yet impressive kitchen?

People tend to think of minimalist design as impersonal and boring, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This style is purposeful because it helps you prioritise the essential. With a focus on functionality, natural light and a limited colour palette, minimalistic kitchens stand out through their unique details. That said, the best design is one that resonates with you and caters to your lifestyle and needs. While it’s always a nice thing to have visitors come by and compliment your style choices, remember that you’re the first one who should feel good in this space.

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