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LVT Flooring UK – home vinyl tiles

7 December 2022

LVT is short for luxury vinyl tiles, often known as luxury vinyl flooring, and it is a smart, innovative vinyl flooring design. It has a printed décor placed between layers of vinyl.

The top layer is a long-lasting, functional, and scratch-resistant surface that is remarkably simple to clean and maintain. There are always new trends in the flooring market, and with interior design evolving at a rate we can’t keep up with, we’re convinced that luxury vinyl flooring is one that will stick.

LVT Flooring UK: home luxury vinyl tiles

Everything You Should Know About LVT Flooring UK

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation

Most types of LVT flooring UK, if not all, have at least 5 layers. This ultimately contributes to the floor remaining thin and flexible while yet being resilient and watertight. The top layer of the floor is a transparent protective covering with scratch resistance and stain-protecting technology. Below this layer is a high-quality design layer that provides a genuine and smooth natural product appearance.

This design layer now represents the flooring style so that you can choose between wood and stone. The remaining layers of the sumptuous flooring comprise fibreglass sheets, moisture-resistant layers, and impact-resistant core layers.

What Are the Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Floors?

1.     Pets are welcome

Wood and laminate flooring, in particular, can be problematic for pets because they are not the gentlest on their paws. When it comes to laminate flooring, it often allows cats and dogs to slip and catch them off balance. This can also scrape and harm the floor.

On the other hand, luxury vinyl flooring is pet friendly due to its scratch-resistant technology and anti-slip features, so you and your Beagle dog can all enjoy it.

2.     Low upkeep

This flooring is great for busy households or workspaces where you don’t have much time to clean your floor. To keep the floor appearing new and fresh, perform frequent sweeps or vacuum to eliminate loose debris and dust, and a mop wouldn’t hurt too!

3.     Waterproof

Because of its waterproof technology, this type of flooring is great for any place in the home where there is a lot of water.

4.     Simple installation

There are currently three types of luxury vinyl flooring installation methods available, all of which are simple. The techniques of installation are determined by your current flooring situation as well as your own preferences.

Types of Installation

  • The most typical installation method is glue down. You stick the tiles immediately down using a strong and appropriate adhesive. This may be faster than installing other types of flooring.
  • The click vinyl flooring process is widely regarded as the simplest and most popular, particularly among DIY enthusiasts. This method is popular in congested areas because you have to click the tiles into place, and you’re done!
  • Finally, the Loose Lay approach is great for placing over existing flooring. It doesn’t require any adhesives and saves you time and money. Loose Lay vinyl flooring is constructed using materials that rely on friction to grip the floor beneath successfully. Here are some vinyl flooring installation suggestions to get you started!

There are many spectacular luxury vinyl flooring designs suitable for all types of homes; whether you want a wood, stone, mosaic, or marble effect floor, that’s what vinyl flooring was designed for – the choice is all yours!

What Rooms are Ideal for Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Floors?

Vinyl flooring and LVT flooring are incredibly adaptable, making them suited for every space type. If you want to be more innovative with your flooring design and demand a higher level of resilience, go with LVT rather than ordinary vinyl floor tiles.

How Often Should You Clean Vinyl Floors?

Cleaning your vinyl floors on a regular basis is critical to preserving their appearance and performance. The frequency with which you must clean will be determined by numerous factors, including the sort of domestic traffic and whether or not the floor is used for commercial reasons.

If you live in a busy house, sweep or vacuum daily to remove dust and grit that might cause scratches. Spills should be mopped up right away to avoid more difficult-to-remove stains. As previously stated, vinyl flooring should be lightly washed once a week using a properly developed cleaner.

What are new flooring trends in 2022

Vinyl Care Suggestions

  • Doormats are beneficial for collecting moisture and grit before it reaches the floor. A must-have in every home.
  • When vacuuming or sweeping, pay special attention to bevelled edges, which can collect dust.
  • Soap-based treatments produce an undesirable coating on the surface of your floor, which can dull it over time. Instead, use warm water and a suitable floor cleaner.
  • On textured tiles, sweeping with the grain will leave less dirt.

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