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Create Dedicated Zones within your Garden

6 June 2023

Create dedicated zones within your garden

A trend within the outdoor living sector is ‘zoning.’ This is an effective way to transform your garden into an interesting, entertaining space for relaxing with friends and family. Below we discuss different ideas you could incorporate into your garden that could break up the different sections with textures, plants, and fixtures.

Create Dedicated Zones within your Garden at Home

Create a Curve

Carving out a curve within your garden can really help to accentuate a section of you garden, whether you are doing this with composite decking, paving or a patch of grass. You can border these sections with gravel or cobbles, framing the area for that finished touch.

NeoTimber’s composite range includes skirting boards which have a slight bend to sit around your curved decking projects. They provide the perfect solution to cover steps and fascia areas. They can be stacked for larger raised areas – designed to bring a perfect finish to a decking project.

Create dedicated zones within your garden

Building an Outdoor Room

Another popular trend is creating outdoor rooms. Adding another installation is a great way to differentiates areas within your garden. A sheltered zone will add interest and a focal point within your space, whether it’s used for entertaining or simply acts as a home office.  You can create a space that leads to your outdoor room or have a decked terrace which you can step straight out onto.

Create dedicated zones within your garden

Create Contrasting Colours & Textures

Zone your garden space with interesting contrasts of colours and textures with different materials. You can landscape with shrubs, box hedges or lavender borders around slabbed pathways or raised beds. When adding different textures within your space like gravel, slabs, cobbles, and decking, think about your already installed fixtures, and what additions would best complement your existing pieces.  Include extra colour and texture by decorating with furniture, cushions, lanterns, and plant pots. With the use of different colours and textures in your garden, this can really zone your space into separate sections.

Create dedicated zones within your garden

Screening off Areas for Privacy

Some gardens can overlook their neighbours, so with the use of screens, you can create some privacy. Another way of zoning is to make sections within your garden that are more hidden, helping you to enjoy a secret escape. Using slatted fencing to frame a dining area or creating foliage walls can really help to make separate spaces. If you don’t want to have a permanent fixture, then we advise adding a portable outdoor screen to your space. This way, you are still getting that privacy without permanently fixing something to the ground.

Create dedicated zones within your garden

Adding a Water Feature or Pond

Another way of zoning off a section in your garden is by adding a water feature to a pathway, which can help to slow the journey within a space. Adding a pond or natural pool within your garden which will create a relaxing atmosphere the same as a water feature. Subtly breaking up a garden with the mix of water, stepping stones, gravel and added height can make a smaller garden seem much larger.

Create dedicated zones within your garden

New Garden Heights – Gain Space

Playing with the levels within your garden can really maximise your space. This works particularly well if you have a sloped garden already. With different heights to patios areas, you can create different spots for potential entertaining. You could have a couple of sun loungers on one level, a dining area on another and even a fire pit: perfect for evenings under the stars.

Create dedicated zones within your garden

So, whether you’re zoning for different activities or simply adding interest in your garden space, it’s a good idea to break up separate areas.

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