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Discover the Charm of the Atlantic City’s Architecture

16 January 2024

Atlantic City is a seaside city in New Jersey that is almost visible from New York. It is well-known for its broad beaches, boardwalks, and casinos that back up to ritzy residences and nightclubs.

Discover the charm of architecture in Atlantic City

It’s a location where residents of Philadelphia and New York City may discover things often found only in the opulent casinos of Las Vegas. It’s a little piece of Vegas and a reprieve from the heat of New York. Let’s look at some of the most charming architecture that the city has to offer.

Boardwalk Hall

Given that there were several boardwalks in Atlantic City, it seems to reason that one of the city’s most recognizable structures would bear the name of one.

Since its designation as a National Historic Landmark in the late 1980s, this imposing structure has come to represent the area’s heyday. These days, it serves as the venue for Miss America pageants, concerts, and ice hockey exhibitions.

Upon first glance, it is evident that Boardwalk Hall is one of Atlantic City’s most notable structures, resembling a massive colosseum.

The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, which defies structural modernist conventions, is not just a tourist attraction but also a remarkable example of architectural engineering. For those who enjoy some gambling, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is a main attraction that is not to be missed.

This brutalist structure is unlike anything you would see in Europe. Its mirrored glass panels cascade downward and reflect sunlight in all directions.

The Borgata has a lot to say about the current influences of architecture and a new sort of structural creativity, even if it may not represent the historical value of Kennedy Plaza or Boardwalk Hall.

Kennedy Plaza

Constructed akin to Rome’s Colosseum, this architectural icon draws inspiration from European architectural heritage to influence the contemporary American environment. If you can’t go to Rome, this structural engineering marvel is perhaps the closest you’ll get to it.

Kennedy Plaza is also a venue for spectacle and performances, much like the Colosseum of ancient Rome. Free summertime concerts take place in this establishment, which is located next to the Boardwalk Hall and has several local monuments and sculptures.

Absecon Lighthouse

You get the impression that you are at the edge of a vast ocean as you get closer to Atlantic City’s towering Absecon Lighthouse. This lighthouse, which is the third highest in the US at little over 170 feet, is continuously lit every night despite having been decommissioned more than 50 years ago.

Though not the oldest architectural relic in the region, the soaring structure is undoubtedly a sight not to be missed in Atlantic City.

Central Pier Arcade

The Central Pier Arcade in Atlantic City is an example of functional architecture, which gained popularity in the United States in the post-World War II era. With nothing but the sea below, the arcade is situated right in front of the pier, and within the structure are go-karts and excellent eating establishments.

The fact that the Central Pier Arcade is so unlike the European-inspired cultural landmarks is only one of the things about Atlantic City that makes it so fascinating.

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