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Dress Up Your Home With Throw Pillows Guide

6 June 2023

Throw pillows are the secret weapon that can turn even a dull-looking room into a welcoming space. But if you don’t know how to use them, you may create the opposite effect than intended.

Striking this perfect balance between “not enough decoration” and “that’s just too much” can often feel like walking on a tightrope. Here, we’ll offer practical tips on using throw pillows to your advantage and creating a cosy and appealing space.

Dress Up Your Home With Throw Pillows

How to Dress Up Your Home With Throw Pillows – Ideas

Pick a Colour Scheme

When they shop cushions UK customers have a lot to consider. One of the first things you need to do is pick a colour scheme for your cushions. Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula. You should rely on your intuition and consider the aesthetic you want to achieve.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I prefer a minimalistic style or want to go for something bold?
  • What colours go well with my décor?
  • Do I want to highlight certain features in the room?

The answers will point you down the right throw pillow path.

Decide If You Want Prints and Patterns

Patterned cushions can be an embodiment of your personal style and let your imagination run wild. While solid-coloured cushions blend in with most décors, patterned ones are more like accent items.

Of course, not all patterned cushions create the same effect. For example, we can say that a cushion with an animal print is “bolder” than one with stripes. Therefore, such a pillow will create a completely different effect.

Consider the Texture

As throw pillows have become more popular, we’ve witnessed the rise of different, unusual designs and textures. Today, you can purchase a cushion made of leather, silk, satin, bamboo, recycled bottles, and other materials. The variety of these materials lets you play around with textures.

Plus, there are pillows featuring tassels, feathers, and braids, which can add a unique visual effect. On the other hand, using too many of these pillows isn’t a good idea as it can overwhelm the space.

Think About the Size

Cushions come in all sizes. Which size should you choose? A good rule of thumb is to consider the size of the sofa/bed/ottoman on which you want to place the cushions. Larger furniture looks great with bigger cushions, but small furniture can look “suffocated” by them.

Don’t Forget About Proper Arrangement

You’ve carefully picked the colour scheme, patterns, texture, and size of your throw pillows. Now it’s time to actually place them on the furniture. This can be easier said than done; you may end up moving the cushions around a few times before discovering their perfect position. Alternatively, you might not be able to find the ideal spot. When you see the pillows on the furniture, you may think, “Something just doesn’t feel right.” And you’d be right. Even though you may not think about it much, different pillow arrangements produce very different visual effects.

Here are some of the most popular options.

Paired Cushion Arrangement

Do you prefer a minimalistic style? Minimalism in interior design doesn’t have to mean giving up on decoration and accessories. Rather, it represents using a few items to achieve a powerful effect. If you like the philosophy behind minimalism, you’ll like the paired cushion arrangement.

It involves placing two cushions side by side, with a proportional gap in between.

Eclectic Cushion Arrangement

As opposed to the previous arrangement, this one is more “forget about everything you know about cushion arrangement and do what you want,” but not quite. There are still some criteria for proper cushion arrangement. In most cases, the criterion you should focus on is finding something common for the pillow you want to group together, be it texture, colour, or visual effect.

Separated Trio Arrangement

This arrangement represents placing three pillows on each side of the sofa. You can choose whether to create a mirror effect for a neat and organised look or go with a casual arrangement and mix things up. Either way, you’ll be able to dress up your sofa and give it a complete makeover.

Explore Your Options

Throw pillows are like jewellery for your furniture. They can be subtle and neat or bold and extravagant. If you want to shop cushions, UK-based markets have countless options. Your job is to figure out your style and find the cushions that tick all the boxes.

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