Five fundamental tips for future architect

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Five Fundamental Tips for Future Architect Guide

1 Feb 2024

Five Fundamental Tips for Future Architect

The thought that often goes through many undergraduates’ minds is how to make a name for themselves in the career they have chosen. Unfortunately, this question often remains unanswered long after graduating from college.

With the ever-competitive field of architecture, you may need to be twice as worried. The vastness, dynamism, competitiveness, brilliance, and influence that architecture poses in the building world is undoubtedly not for the faint-hearted.

Anyone who wants to stay at the ever-progressive summit of the architectural career needs to be determined. You might have enjoyed the help of with your assignments then. But the stakes are different now.

If you are as determined you think you are, take a religious look at these tips that can help you build an excellent career as an architect.

1 Dec 2020

Five Fundamental Tips for Future Architect Advice

Speak well

Do you know why I had to put this first? To most architect, good communication or speaking skills is simply the last of the soft skills they need. It might seem okay until they need to present an idea.

Each of your clients needs to be convinced that your plan for a structure is good enough. One way to do this is by using effective client presentation to professionally and effectively communicate the value and viability of your proposal.

. Learning how to speak well before your big moment can be a defining factor for you.

Any time you are sending a proposal, rehearse well beforehand. Be clear and fluent. Ooze out boldness and charisma. Let your neck be straight, and do not slouch. Any form of ambiguity in your presentation indicates a fault you are liable to make while executing your plan. Be as straightforward as possible.

Be ready to learn

Employing you immediately, whether you are still in school or fresh from school, may not be a wise decision for any firm. You have not gathered enough experience. Therefore, you must be thirsty for ‘field experience.’

Don’t get excited about playing PUBG only. Apply for internships, follow the already established architects to fields, and learn about the field daily. Also, don’t blow your trumpet by applying for big-shot jobs when you have not overseen a plan for a bungalow.


The easiest way to becoming a thing is surrounding yourself with what you want to become. If you’re still in school, establish a good relationship with your professors and afterward, too.

If you want to become a renowned architect, let your contact list be full of them. Let them inform you of the latest trends, professional affiliations, or advice they can give.

Networking helps in your career path. Of the truth, it contributes about 70% of what you may become as an architect. Don’t forget that this same network you have built will help you need essential recommendations, Job openings (they may be the ones to give the interview), advice, and a lot of other things.

Be distinctive

Having a good network and people who are ready to teach you is right. However, you can easily be confused by the multitude of channels you get your information.

When you have a specific plan ahead of you, words from any of these sources can easily be filtered and carefully selected. Having a clear plan should not make you recalcitrant to corrections. It is unwise if you chose to throw such advice into the trash can after giving you a suggestion that spells out how unreasonable your goals are.

Take your chances

As an upcoming architect, it is no news that the tasks that may come your way may not be as challenging as you’d expect. However, make them challenging.

Take every task you’re given seriously and put extra effort. Diligence has a way of mysteriously paying off. When you consistently put so much into work, there is no way your bosses won’t notice you. After that, you can see yourself in charge of a great job.

On rare occasions, you may need to demand acknowledgment. You may need to request for that pay rise. Also, you may ask to be tested or tried. You can do so if there is a long queue of people who are silently trying to impress. Asking the ‘powers in charge’ may be that boost you need.

Failure is a part of the job descriptions for any architect. The funny part is even renowned architects made mistakes. The mistakes are shaping tools. Don’t be bothered when you fail at any of these things. Pick yourself up and try all over again.

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