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Four Tips for Having a Lush Green Lawn

16 July, 2020

Four tips for lush green lawn

Every lawn owner knows that it’s more than just grass. A lawn is a crucial part of the aesthetic appeal of any home. When properly kept, the lush green color adds a pop to the house. Lawns are also great for kids and pets to play around on.

However, for you to enjoy the full advantages of your lawn, you have to take proper care of it. Here are four vital tips for enjoying a lush green lawn:

Water your lawn less often

One common mistake that people make with their lawns is that they water it too often. Unfortunately, too much water can be just as bad as too little. The rate at which you should water your plants depends on the kind of soil in your locality. However, there’s a little trick you can apply.

The simple thing to keep in mind about watering your lawn is that it’s more about how well you water it than how often. Start by wetting your lawn to a height of one inch of water. You can easily measure that by placing shallow containers on your turf. When the water in the containers is at the one-inch height, you can assume that all the water on the lawn is of the same height.

You should only water the lawn again when the first three to four inches of soil are dry.

Use natural fertilizer

Natural fertilizers have been shown to produce better results for lawns than synthetic fertilizers. They are also healthier for people and the environment, as they produce fewer toxins as by-products of their processes. You can also try composting your kitchen waste and grass clippings as a way of enriching the soil.

Trim your grass properly

The way you cut your grass can affect the health of your lawn. Interestingly, the prescribed height of the grass depends on the exact kind of grass you have in your yard. You also have to use a mower with sharp blades that are more effective at cutting the grass.

Allow your lawn to reuse the grass clippings from mowing. Leaving the mowed grass on the lawn can provide nutrients for your greens. You can check out lawn mowing service rates if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself – see

Aerate your lawn

The soil beneath your lawn can become very compact due to people walking over it. Having a compacted soil is a bit of a complication, as it affects the water drainage of the earth and air circulation.

To aerate your lawn, all you need to do is punch holes in it by up to three inches. The more you aerate your soil, the easier it is for the grasses to get the nutrients they need.

Four Tips for Having a Lush Green Lawn Conclusion

Your lawn is an extension of your home, so paying attention to how well it looks is essential. With the tips shared here, you should be able to boast of a greener, healthier lawn in only a few weeks.

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