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How can I create more space in my home without renovating?

post updated 21 April 2024

With many of us spending more time at home than ever before since the pandemic struck the world, lots of people are finding that their homes are feeling a little cramped and small. Thankfully, you don’t have to move out to find more space, as we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you make your place feel more spacious and inviting.

How can I create more space in my home?

20 Oct 2020

How can I create more space in my home guide

  1. Put up mirrors

An incredibly popular interior design trick is to put up mirrors in smaller homes to make the rooms feel larger. This works especially well when mirrors are positioned opposite windows and can reflect an outside view, as it gives the impression of another window and will really open the place up.

This is an easy hack to make rooms feel bigger, and works wonders, especially in cramped hallways or smaller living areas. You can also personalise it your taste, so whether you’re a minimalist person or prefer ornate, large framed pieces, you can find the perfect mirrors to reflect your personality!

  1. Utilise storage space

We’re all guilty of it, leaving things out on surfaces that really belong in a drawer, or leaving washing on a chair instead of hanging it up for days at a time. It’s so easy to clutter your house, but we promise it’s just as easy to prevent it from happening!

There are all sorts of spaces around the house that you can use for storage, and if you’re struggling, you can easily get shelves and drawers to fit in areas that you’ve already got. A common option is to utilise space under the stairs that isn’t being used, so you can make the most of that space. With this, you can design your storage around the area that you’ve got, giving you a unique space as well.

There are several spaces that you can use to store your things, such as drawers under the bed, lofts, cellars, the tops of wardrobes and closets. When deciding to use this storage space, make sure that you don’t end up junking this area too- have a system with how you’re storing things, keep it neat and tidy, and maintain it. This way you can keep everything organised- and having rooms clearer always make them look bigger!

  1. Keep curtains and blinds open

Light is the key to making a property look larger, and natural light does an incredible job of this. Have your curtains or blinds open, and your room will be much brighter. It will also make rooms look larger, as you can see more of the outside view which will make the room look extended. This is an excellent trick for living rooms that feel a little small, and when paired with using mirrors opposite the windows, can completely change the way a room looks!

  1. Don’t overload with furniture

A room generally looks bigger once it’s been furnished, but if you go over the top, your room will start to look cramped. Try and find a good balance when you’re furnishing, and think about how much furniture you really need. If you live on your own and rarely have visitors, you don’t need 6 seats available at all times.

Where possible, have things that match so you have a theme going on in the room, so everything looks like it belongs. Avoid cluttering any shelves or tables as this will take away space, and opt for light coloured walls. One wall in a deep colour or pattern can help to make a room look larger sometimes, but if you go too dark or complicated with the pattern, it can end up having the opposite effect.

Take some time to assess your furnishings and see what works best in the space that you have. Move things around and try a few different layouts, as this can make a big difference to how big the room looks too- the more floor space, the better.

  1. Use lighting

As we’ve mentioned earlier, a nice airy and bright room will make it look larger, but you can also manipulate the light that you have to give the room more space. The use of lamps at different heights around the room will help throw the light more, and having shorter lamps in corners will push light upwards, making the room look taller and more spacious. This is especially useful in homes with taller rooms, as it will draw attention to the space that can often be overlooked.

There are all sorts of options if you want to make your house appear bigger, and you can give several of them a try and see what works best for you. For some, however, the appearance of space isn’t the same as living in a larger home, and moving is the best resort. These tricks can then be helpful when it comes to selling your house, and help you move into your bigger home more quickly!

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