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How CBD Can Make Every Architect More Creative

1 Dec 2019

Being an architect isn’t an easy job. With long hours, lots of pressure, and high stakes riding on each project, architects are always looking for tools to give themselves an edge in the workplace.

Many turn to supplements, change their diet and introduce more exercise into their daily routine to boost productivity. With such high workloads, it’s easy for architects to feel burnt out and lose track of their passion for architecture. It’s crucial for architects to hold onto the creative spark that, in many cases, got them into the profession in the first place.

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How CBD Can Make Architects More Creative

One tool that architects might want to consider to boost their creativity is CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol oil, is a compound extracted from the all-natural hemp plant.

Contrary to what you might think, CBD, unlike marijuana, does not produce a psychoactive effect on the user. In other words, it won’t get you high. This means that users can experience the benefits typically associated with marijuana, without any of the psychoactive aftereffects. Each user generally has their preference, some opt-in for products that are high in THC, and some look for high CBD cannabis strains. That’s why nowadays, some users turn to purchase cannabis seeds online from shops like Zamensia to find their perfect strain of cannabis that will fit their medicinal or recreational needs.

Many working professionals, older people, and parents turn to medical marijuana to help treat many ailments ranging from chronic pain, cardiovascular disease, and Glaucoma to Huntington’s Disease, Leukemia, and Asthma. However, many of these users are not interested in the psychoactive effects of Marijuana. CBD is therefore often a great substitute.

Aside from its ability to benefit users suffering from a variety of different health conditions, many users have found it to be a valuable tool to boost creativity.

This is because CBD has been reported by many users to provide positive effects on the mind. Many CBD users find relief from symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, and stress through the use of CBD products.

According to Cool Things Chicago, working professionals have been reported to be one of the most important use cases for CBD and its positive effects.

Improving Sleep and Fighting Insomnia

One of the ways that CBD can help architects be more creative is by improving their sleep. CBD has been reported to be effective by users around the world to help fight insomnia. Since good sleeping patterns are essential to the optimal functioning of the mind, fighting insomnia is one of the best ways to help enhance creative capacity.

According to Daily CBD Mag, the reason that CBD is effective in fighting insomnia is because of its anti-anxiety and anti-depressive traits. Since it also has shown promise when treating chronic pain, it can help improve sleep by offering pain relief.

Good sleep can help improve architects’ creative abilities in many different ways. Many scientists believe that the REM sleep cycle is related to a person’s pattern recognition capabilities. It is in this phase of sleep that the brain is connecting previously unrelated ideas and recognizing patterns that might not have immediately been apparent.

Lucid Dreaming to Improve Creativity

Many creative professionals, including architects, utilize lucid dreaming to help expand their creative capacities. Lucid dreaming is the practice of realizing one is dreaming while still in a dream. Doing this allows the dreamer to control the content of the dream and manipulate it to his or her will.

Lucid dreaming allows the brain to search for creative solutions to problems while the dreamer is already in a heightened state of awareness with an increased ability to recognize patterns. Architects can use dreams to explore imaginary landscapes, designs, and architectural patterns that would be difficult or impossible to visualize in a normal state of consciousness. Obviously, none of this is achievable for people that can’t get to sleep, which is why CBD can open the door to lucid dreaming by helping treat insomnia.

The Hypnopompic State

Another reason why fighting insomnia can greatly improve architects’ creativity is that it can allow them to access what is known as the hypnopompic state. The hypnopompic state refers to the period in which someone is just coming out of sleep. During this period, the brain is usually loaded with rich visual imagery that was generated during the REM sleep cycle.

This visual imagery becomes accessible to the sleeper’s conscious mind as he or she wakes up.

The hypnopompic state has been used by creatives throughout the centuries to access rich visual imagery that would be difficult or impossible to imagine in waking life. It represents a goldmine of creative potential for architects, as it can help facilitate visuals associated with designs that the architect is working on.

Conversely, the period just before falling asleep can be used for similar purposes. The artist Salvador Dali famously used this period to spur the creative inspiration for his surrealist paintings.

Even the brilliant Albert Einstein famously used the period just before falling asleep as a way to spark creative insights and solutions to some of the hardest problems humanity has ever faced.

CBD Can Help to Reduce Anxiety

Modern psychological findings seem to indicate that negative emotions like anxiety can reduce creativity and motivation. On the more extreme levels, depression can be completely debilitating, and limit a person’s ability to be productive or functional in any way. Other negative emotions such as fear, in particular, have also been shown to limit creativity in significant ways.

Reducing negative, stressful emotions like anxiety can help to open up creative doorways in the mind and boost productivity and enthusiasm. CBD has been reported by many users to have a beneficial effect on many negative emotions including fear, anxiety and even depression.

According to CBD Kyro, since CBD can be taken in many different form factors such as CBD tinctures, some of which include soothing scents such as lavender, peppermint, and other calming oils, can produce an added effect. This is because it’s widely known that aromas and scents do have a powerful effect on the mind and emotional states.

Maintaining the Creative Spark

In closing, it’s crucial that architects use their creative abilities when working on high-stress projects for long hours. Any architect that is serious about producing creative and innovative work that he or she can be proud of should make use of all of the tools at their disposal. CBD is one such tool to boost creativity by fighting insomnia and reducing the effect of anxiety and other negative emotions.

Author bio: Marina Turea is a CBD aficionado and an avid writer. In her day job, she works as a content manager at Digital Authority Partners.

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