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How To Use Plants To Create an Epic Workspace Guide

8 July 2022

Plants are wonderful for decorating your workspace. Keeping them where you work can lower your stress and increase your productivity. Plus, they make us feel happier.

You can use plants to create an epic workspace. Set up a living wall, add hanging plants, put plants in bare spaces, and add plenty of flowers. You’ll want to consider how much light your workspace gets when choosing the plants you add.

Overall, adding a few plants to your office or study can make a world of difference to you. Spending too much time inside and away from nature negatively impacts our daily lives. Here’s how you can create an epic workspace using plants!

How to use plants to create an epic workspace

Create a Living Wall

Living walls, often called vertical gardens, are spaces on a wall that you fill with various plants. The soil and substrate are vertical on the wall, allowing the plants to grow there easily. Many of these walls also use an integrated water delivery system since you can’t water them like normal.

Large vertical gardens freshen the air and make your space look nice. Taking care of the plants also helps many people feel a boost in productivity and creativity. They require a lot of work in the initial setup but are easy to take care of once you have everything in place.

There are different ways to install the soil medium. Most of the time, the soil sits in a vertical bag or on a shelf. With the plants in place, it appears as if they come from a frame. Water travels down through the system in a drip irrigation line, allowing all plants access to moisture.

No matter where your workspace is, this design always looks lovely. You’ll want to consider using a living wall in creating your epic workspace.

Add Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are another way to add more greenery to any workspace. They don’t take up much of the wall or floor space, so you can easily fit them into your rooms. Many hanging plants are also very easy to take care of.

You can combine hanging plants with other potted plants for a rich and full look in the workspace. Hanging baskets can hold a variety of green plants and flowers, so you’ll have your pick.

Some of the best indoor hanging plants include:

· Spider plant

· Hedera helix/English ivy

· Philodendron

· Devil’s ivy

· Grape ivy

· Maidenhair fern

· Orchids

You’ll need to have hanging pots for your plants, which come in various colors and styles. Macramé hangers are an excellent option and look great with any vegetation. You’ll also need to be able to install a hook into the wall or ceiling. Ensure the hook can easily support your plant- you won’t want it to fall.

Fill Bare Areas With Greenery

Workspaces can tend to look bare, which makes us feel bored. Is there any area in your office or study that looks like it could use more life? When decorating your space with more plants, you’ll want to pay special attention to those empty areas.

For example, if your window sill or filing cabinet looks especially dull, you can always add a small plant. Succulents are great for filling in small, blank spaces with more greenery.

Consider Adding More Flowers

You also don’t need to stick with just green plants. Bringing in seasonal flowers is also a great way to build an epic workspace. Blooms add more color to the room and smell wonderful. You’re sure to get a boost during the day from them!

These are some flowers that tend to do well in workspaces:

· Orchids

· Peace lilies

· Gerbera daisies

· Hydrangeas

· Christmas cactuses

How to use plants to create an epic workspace – Final Thoughts

To summarize, you can use plants in your workspace to make it feel like a new room! You’ll also boost your mood and motivation when you add plenty of plants to your office or study. Living walls are one of the best options for your workspace.

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