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Joys Of Architecture In Edinburgh

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Scotland: Scottish Architectural Visit Article

2 August 2019

The Joys Of Architecture In Edinburgh – World Heritage Site

Edinburgh is quite the picturesque location, thanks partly to its stunning natural setting but also to the distinguished beauty of the architecture that can be found lining its streets. Whether you find yourself in the Old Town, strolling along the Royal Mile or you find yourself taking in the Georgian designs of the New Town or you are up at the Castle, you are never far from a breathtaking example of the city’s unique architectural legacy. It is truly a joy to behold and something that natives and residents alike, as well as tourists, should celebrate at every opportunity.

What to look out for

Whether you are a lifelong resident or an out-of-towner who is still finding their feet, there are plenty of architectural wonders to be found in Edinburgh and you need to get out and get a glimpse of them with your own eyes to fully appreciate the craft involved. Some of the most important sights to be seen include:

The Royal Mile is probably the best route to follow if you want to be sure to get a good look at what the city has to offer in terms of architecture. The Royal Mile links Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace and along this stretch of the city centre you will pass through the Old Town, recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here you will be able to get an idea of what Edinburgh looked like in earlier times.

Some of the must-see sights to be spotted during your stroll through the city centre include the Heart of Midlothian, Canongate, the High Street and Parliament Square. You will also come across a section of the city which was rebuilt in the early 19th century after being gutted by fire. This are provides you with a glimpse into the classical era of Scotland’s capital and celebrates the grand tradition of urban planning and design that was being undertaken at this time.

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If you are careful not to wander too far from the Royal Mile, you will find yourself in the New Town. This is an area that was built during the 18th and 19th centuries and includes a rich display of Georgian architecture, in addition to some carefully thought city planning which gives the area a unique layout. The area was planned to provide some relief to the crowded old town and this it achieved with great success. Some of the sights that can’t be missed here include Bute House and Dundas House, as well as the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

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