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A personal and modern home – the best of both worlds

Once you’ve moved into a new home, met your neighbours and sorted out your home insurance, there’s still a minefield of design-related issues to overcome. Many people feel a conflict between wanting their home to look lived – in, whilst also coveting a minimalistic, modern home. However, it doesn’t have to be a battle between the two – there are many ways to incorporate both options to allow a display of sentiment whilst maintaining interior magnificence.

Incorporating personal touches around your home will offer a warm touch, and that cosy feeling of nostalgia will come with only one glance. Here are some ideas to inspire you to reaching the optimum balance of emotion – evoking minimalism.

Garscube Terrace Home
photo : Sarah Potter

Hand/paw prints

This option may initially only appeal if you have children, but it can also be a good idea for pets, or even just grownups! Handprints can be put into a modern frame, and you can control what colours of paint you want to use to match your colour scheme. You can even go one step further and introduce feet to the process!

Whoever you get involved – make sure it’s a fun day as you’ll think of it whenever you look at the finished product.


The best thing about displaying photos around your home is that there’s a great variety of options – you can experiment with sizes, shapes and colours as well as layout and amount. One option is to buy matching frames and display them in varied positions – the more the better. Alternately, a collection of completely clashing frames can work well.

Another option is to get some wire, wooden pegs and black and white prints for a quirky addition to any room that will combine vintage and sentimentality. In terms of what will be contained within the frame – choose family snaps and personal photos that evoke good memories.

South Queensferry house
photograph : Paul Zanre

Embracing the homemade

A modern glass cabinet can play host to a multitude of homemade gifts brought home by your children or young family members. Alternatively, investing in a beautiful glass vase or jar is the perfect place to display items inside- such as memorable childhood toys.

Similarly, if you have a particularly special photo, or maybe a drawing from your children – getting them converted into placemats is an easy option.


Family heirlooms are the perfect opportunity to add both sentimentality and a vintage feel to your home. For instance, if you have an old family vase that you’ve previously been reluctant to bring down from the loft – keeping it fresh with beautiful flowers will give a sentimental vibe.

If you have old items of jewellery that have been passed down to you – they’re often too delicate to be worn and are left unseen in a drawer. By investing in a few individually picked clothes hooks, you can have a unique way to display them.

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