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Monte Carlo Casino Architecture Features and Peculiarities

20 August 2021

The state of Monaco can boast of a building with an unusual history. There is a famous Monte Carlo casino, which has a non-standard structure. Inside the building, there are both a playhouse and a theater, and the whole construction is rather unique.

Initially, the building was planned in order to improve the financial condition of the royal family and the state in general. It was built in 1863 according to the planning of a French architect. However, at that time, the country was extremely poor and could not attract tourists to boost its economy. Due to road problems, neighboring states did not want to go to Monaco. At that time, there were no top online casino sites here and crazy monkey playing online has not been popular yet.

Monte Carlo Casino Architecture Features

Monte Carlo Casino Architecture – Distinctive Features & Peculiarities

The casino was unable to attract almost anyone. The establishment has functioned for a relatively short time and was immediately closed. But in the late 70s, the building was expanded several times, and several entertainment areas were added to it. Now, this place has a worldwide reputation, and lots of tourists come here to see how the building is arranged from the inside. If you want to play, try THABET

Concept and Key Features

There are a couple of things that make Monte Carlo Casino so special:

  • The building was built in the Beaux-Arts style, which means “lovely art” in French. The style is very similar to the Baroque in France or the Renaissance in Italy.
  • The building was designed by Charles Garnier, a famous French architect. This man traveled a lot around the world to get inspiration. His own career began after the creation of the Paris Opera. After the construction, the architect became a famous professional of the century.
  • The casino was the architect’s latest idea. Garnier also put forward a proposal to complete the construction of a concert hall, from where it will be possible to look at the rustling sea. Today, the building is named after the architect and has a very beautiful view inside.
  • The constructed casino has perfect symmetry and sophisticated decor. The facing of the building is made of marble. Each room is uniquely decorated. Ivory and carpet are also used to create an attractive interior. The hall looks like a museum from the outside.

Monte Carlo Casino architecture guide Monaco


This casino is a perfect place for both tourists and players taking part in gambling. This game house is quite huge, so card competitions are constantly held here. Thousands of tourists come to Monte Carlo Casino every year to relax and enjoy the view of this attraction.

This casino stands out from the rest of the buildings with its brightness and diversity. Its rooms and exterior are often used in the film industry. There are also many sculptures and paintings inside. This attraction has become famous all over the world due to its exotic appearance. Casino Monte Carlo is a source of pride for all residents and a special attraction for tourists

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