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How Do I Get My Garden Ready For Artificial Grass Guide

19 August 2021

If you are installing your new artificial grass yourself or through our installation service, there is certain preparation that must be done first. Installing fake grass is simple, but there are a few procedures to take to ensure that the installation is as quick and easy as possible.

How do I get my garden ready for artificial grass?
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Step 1 – Make your measurements first

The first step in ordering synthetic turf is determining how much grass you require in square meters. Artificial grass is available in 2m and 4m width rolls with any length up to 25 meters and is cut to the nearest half meter. You may need to acquire extra artificial turf to cover any odd portions of your yard, depending on its size and design.

It’s ideal to utilize as many huge single segments as possible, and think about how you’ll lay the turf to get the best results. For the most natural look, keep joins to a minimum and lay the grass in the same direction.

Step 2: Mow the lawn

When your grass arrives, you must prepare your garden for the installation of artificial grass. If you currently have natural grass, it will be removed during the installation process; nevertheless, to make things easier, trim any long grass.

Step 3 – Ensure that the area is clean

Artificial grass can be installed in a wide range of settings, including kennels, playgrounds, and sports centers. To make things even easier, clear the area of any toys, trash, rocks, and so forth. This is also useful if you wish to transfer any plants or artificial flowers in bulk. Cut back any overgrown shrubs to allow easy access to all parts of the garden where your new artificial grass will be laid. This means that when it comes to installing your new fake grass, the process will be faster and more straightforward.

Step 4 – Create a layout that takes into account additional aspects

If you plan to add other items to your garden, such as sheds or play areas, you can do so ahead of time because the turf will be spread around them. If you’re changing the design of your yard, such as adding or moving water features, patios, walks, or other elements, you should do it before installing artificial turf.

garden artificial grass help guide
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Step 5 – Level the ground

Remove debris and stones, break up clumps, cut off roots, and flatten the ground. Remove any uneven areas that might be unsightly after the turf is installed. You must patch in holes, flatten lumps, and overall strive for a smooth, contoured (or absolutely flat) surface.

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