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Preventing Accidents: 4 Safety Tips for Homeowners

19 August 2021

The boring truth about safety is that some of life’s greatest dangers are also incredibly mundane. For example, accordion to a 2018 report from the CDC, unintentional falls kill over 30.000 people every year. That puts it close to the number of people who die from car crashes every year. Falls killed more than car accidents in 2018 — and that’s just one of the potential accidents you may suffer while going around your house.

Preventing accidents: 4 safety tips for homeowners

These somewhat depressing numbers are a reminder that a) you should probably get life insurance and b) you can never be too safe while going around your house. Especially if you’re someone who likes making repairs or doing renovations yourself.

It’s also good to know that most accidents can be avoided with some common-sense precautions. Here are some safety tips that homeowners should keep in mind.

1 – Mind slipping hazards

Slips and falls are a major cause of at-home accidents, leading to many fatalities and hospitalizations every year. And while there is no way to be 100% from an accidental slip, you can at least make sure that your home is free of overt slipping hazards.

You can achieve this by making sure that there are never clothes, objects, and/or toys spread around the floor of the house. It’s also good to make sure any carpets and floor mats are properly fixated and not prone to slipping around. Finally, mind your footwear — socks are more likely to slip, as are old shoes and sandals where the treads have worn off.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while slipping is dangerous, hitting something on your way down is often what causes the most serious injuries. If your house has children or people who are prone to have balance issues — elderly relatives, alcoholics, etc — it’s a good idea to rethink that glass coffee table and to invest in sharp edge protectors.

2 – Don’t use random objects as ladders

It can be tempting to climb on a chair or a sofa if you’re trying to change a lamp or reach a high shelf. But as mentioned above, falling can be quite dangerous, and it doesn’t take too much bad luck for a chair that could handle your weight yesterday to suddenly break underneath you today. Stick to stairs and step ladders instead — it’s much safer.

3 – Mind the fire hazards

The difference between a kitchen mishap and a fire that causes serious damage to the property is often down to how much fuel the fire can find. So it’s a good idea to keep flammable objects away from the most common fire hazards — which in a typical household, means the oven and the electrical outlets. Keep soft furnishings, curtains, and trash bins away from these potential hazards, as well as any flammable liquids.

4 – Avoid working alone

Everything from falls to electrical accidents can be a lot more deadly if there is no one around to help you when something goes wrong, so it’s best not to attempt anything too far out of your comfort while you are home alone. Wait until your relatives are home, or invite a friend over. Or if neither of the above is an option, at least make sure you have a phone on you to call for help if something goes wrong.

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