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The Most Space Saving Desk for Home and Office

23 Feb 2021

If you work at a computer, you know how important it is to have a comfortable and functional working place. On it, your wish to work and, thus, the productivity level depends.

How can you make your workspace functional and convenient if the space is very limited? Sometimes, it is difficult to imagine how to squeeze in all the items needed for work.

In such cases, a comfortable desk is a solution. On, you can find all types of desks that will change your work experience forever. Just choose the right one and enjoy every working hour.

How to Choose a Desk That Will Make You Love to Work

Now, let us have a look at how to avoid mistakes when selecting a desk and what are features to pay attention to.

Size: measure carefully the space that you assign to your desk. It is not an issue to find a place if you have a big office. But if the place is limited, you cannot make a mistake. Thus, measure carefully the space, and choose a desk that for sure fits in.

  • Lifting power: if you work just with a computer or a laptop, a standard desk, even the smallest one, will handle the equipment without issues at all. However, if you need several monitors to perform your daily tasks or need to accommodate more equipment on the desk (e.g. a printer, etc.), we recommend checking the lifting power. It will be such a pain if a new desk will not be able to lift or lower it properly because of the weight.
  • Noise generation: most people don’t like when a desk makes noises that force you to leave the room while you are lifting or lowering the desk. Make sure the noise generated by your new item is bearable.

These are the major criteria. Of course, you might need to check also the desk colour, design, or whatever matters for you. If you don’t find the best option, contact a company representative and ask whether they can make a desk based on your design and your requirements. In most cases, the company will offer you such an opportunity.

Accessories Might Be Needed

Depending on the specifics of your work, some accessories might be needed. We haven’t forgotten that you don’t have sufficient space for huge bookcases and shelves. You will also need home office chairs. Thus, let us move on with some ideas that will allow you to save space and accommodate all the things that you might need for work.

  • A lockable drawer: they are designed and made especially for standing desks. You can attach it under the tabletop and de-attach and store it when you don’t need it. This item is beautiful, functional, and will allow you to store the majority of things you use for work.
  • A paper organizer: there are many styles and designs, but you need something small and functional. An automated organizer might cost more but will allow you to use all the available desktop space absolutely efficiently.
  • A computer monitor support: it can serve two purposes. You can achieve the needed height and tilt of the monitor easily. And if you don’t have space even for an organizer to store the most needed things, you can buy a support with a storage section or even a drawer underneath. Thus, you liberate a lot of space that can be used for storing things.

Do you believe something else is needed? Well, then, you must be working with piles of papers, and in such a case, installing a shelf is a must.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, modern items allow to turn even the smallest space into a beautiful and functional working hub. Just now, you have seen how it is possible to arrange a perfect office space on just a couple of square meters. Add a good office chair to boost comfort. Don’t forget about an ergonomic carpet to prevent the fatigue feeling in feet and legs, and your perfect office space for work or study is ready.

Of course, if you have some place, you can add some décor elements such as a couple of paintings. Some people love plants to have the air in the office clean and fresh. It all depends on you only.

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