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5 Situations You Have to Replace Your Doors and Windows

February 9, 2024

There are plenty of situations where, as a homeowner, you might consider replacing your doors and windows. These situations include:

The doors and windows are too old

Windows and doors are one of the most noticeable parts of a property, and if they appear worn, so will your home.

Check to see if the color is fading, if the material is warping, or if old screens or storm windows distract from the exterior appearance of your property.

While old windows and doors may still be functional, they are unlikely to be energy efficient. For you to make your house energy efficient and lower your power bills, it might be wise to replace the units.

A good rule of thumb is to replace your windows and doors that are more than twenty years old.

If you’ve lived in your house for decades and haven’t replaced the units, they’re most likely using the old technology. Replacing them will keep you up to speed on the latest technologies.

For example, older windows are likely to be built of pane glass. Even if the windows are dual pane, they are unlikely to be energy efficient.

Newer windows include glazing to protect your property. Older windows without this glazing allow UV rays to enter your home through them. UV rays induce fading on carpets, furniture, and drapes.

Most windows nowadays use Low E glass. This type of glass helps maintain your home at a steady temperature all year. It’s also less likely to fade in color keeping your home looking new for long.

Newer replacement windows and doors will also help keep air from migrating into and out of your home, which comes in handy in keeping your home energy efficient.

Besides considering the replacement costs of the doors and windows, consider the Energy Star rating. For a great experience, buy units with a high energy star rating.

Replace your doors and windows at home

You just survived a storm

If you reside in a hurricane impact zone or another location prone to severe weather, you probably expect damaged doors and windows.

In fact, simply living near the seaside can impact your home’s exterior, especially your doors and windows.

If you recently had a storm and your doors and windows got extensively damaged, you might consider replacing them.

Sometimes, a unit can be repaired rather than replaced after a storm. So, if your window has a small problem, such as requiring new weatherstripping or hardware, a repair may be the best solution.

However, replacing a damaged, warped, or broken sash or frame is always preferable rather than attempting to fix it.

This is because even if the unit is still functional, it can develop issues that expose your property to many problems.

For example, a damaged door or window might make it easy for intruders to get in. It also might not be efficient, leading to you spending a lot of money on home heating and cooling.

You are having a draft.

Doors and windows are an excellent way for heat (or cold air) to exit your home.

You already spend enough money on heating and cooling your home, so don’t squander it by letting the heat escape through the doors and windows.

The units let out an average of 10-20% of the heat in your home. You can imagine the percentage that gets lost out of old or cracked units.

Air leaving from your home forces your HVAC system to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. This increase in your HVAC’s workload raises the electricity demand and may reduce the life of your HVAC system.

Furthermore, drafty doors and windows can raise humidity levels, putting your house and family at risk for mold and mildew growth.

Remember that moisture outside your unit is not a cause for alarm. It simply indicates that it is warmer and more humid outside than indoors.

If you feel a draft when you stand near your windows, the windows are cold to the touch, or there is condensation on the inside, you should have them replaced.

As mentioned above, ensure the new replacement doors and windows are energy efficient and keep as much weather out as possible.

A guide to exterior renovations at home

You are renovating your home.

Replacing your doors and windows isn’t just for when they stop operating.

If you’re renovating or remodeling, installing new doors and windows can change the appearance of your home and help you express your design ambitions.

Replacing all your units at once is preferable, even if you were not looking to upgrade them. This is because although only a handful of your doors or windows may be experiencing problems, the rest may shortly follow.

If your current doors and windows were all put at the same time, any that aren’t exhibiting symptoms of wear will most likely be in the same condition as the ones you intend to replace. So, it’s best to replace all of them.

Even if you are renovating a historic house and want to retain the original look, there are many modern doors and windows that will fit the bill.

For example, you can get wood windows over vinyl that will give you the style you want while also providing the benefits of modern efficiency.

If you aren’t sure about the right units you should go for, get the input of a professional.

You are looking to sell your home.

When it comes time to sell your home, replacing your doors and windows will provide you with a large return on investment.

Home buyers enjoy seeing new and modern doors and windows in a home. The new units you install will improve your curb appeal while also allowing you to market the comfort benefits of modernity, such as reduced exterior noise and efficient temperature adjustment.

If you try to sell your property with damaged or non-functioning doors or windows, you will most likely put potential buyers off, not to mention getting a lower bid on the property.

You should replace the units ahead of time. If you don’t address this major issue, they’ll question what else you failed to maintain.

Remember, installing new doors and windows will boost the value of your home and you have an easy time selling it.

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