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Some Architectural Hidden Gems in Edinburgh to See

10 Aug 2020

Edinburgh has often been the talk of the town for its varied architectural designs and the innovations that it has seen the designs of its buildings. From having some of the best Gothic mansions to upholding some exemplary Georgian revival structures, Edinburgh has it all. Walking around the lanes and alleys of this place is all you are ever going to need to understand why Edinburgh steals the show when it comes to the designs and architecture of buildings.

Some Architectural Hidden Gems Edinburgh

Some Architectural Hidden Gems in Edinburgh that You Must Know About

Speaking of which, the moot point of this article is to further and contribute to the discussion of the same, and have a look at the few hidden gems in Edinburgh, high on architecture. You could consider paying a visit to these places once you are in the city and soak yourself in the all sorts of art that Scotland’s capital has to offer to you. Hence, without any further attempt at laying the foundation of the article, we shall move on to venturing a few buildings and appreciate their beauty.

Circus Lane

We shall kick start the discussion with the beautiful Circus Lane and shine some light on what this locality has to offer to Edinburgh when it comes to architecture. The Circus Lane is situated at the edge of the New Town and has buildings that, at one point in time, served as coach houses.

However, with the evolving times and the changing needs of the city, the role of these buildings also changed. You must absolutely visit this picturesque place, especially in spring to find the flowers canopying the area in full bloom and embracing the stony houses with colors galore. You probably would not find many tourists here, which shall make your visit more secluded and peaceful.

Chapel of Saint Albert the Great

The second place that we want to talk about while discussing the architecture of Edinburgh is the Chapel of Saint Albert the Great. This place too, remains hidden and unexplored for the most part, like the others on the list. The chapel was designed by Simpson and Brown, too humble architects and was recently completed in 2012.

You can find the new chapel located on the west side of George Square, at which point we shall draw your attention to the fact that this structure has won several architectural awards. It makes use of clever designs, mirrors and captures the natural light in all its glory to give the chapel a unique quality that stands aside in a crowd.

Some Architectural Hidden Gems in Edinburgh

Grosvenor Casino

Casinos have always pulled crowd to themselves not just for the myriad of games that they have to offer, but also because of the beauty that the buildings are dunked it. And while we speak a lot about the casinos in Macau and Las Vegas, here is a little unknown casino in Edinburgh that is clad in beautiful architecture and design.

The Grosvenor Casino is high on art and décor, one of the better guides on casinos would suggest so. You could just check into casino, move around to explore the art pieces and even play a hand or two at your favorite card games if you have the mind for it. Plus, the food and drinks offered by the casino bar over here are also something to look forward to. You do not need to be a gambling enthusiast to like this casino; you only need to be a lover of architecture and art.

A Few Final Words on the Architecture of Edinburgh

The architecture of Edinburgh makes for an amazing topic for discussion and shall continue to be so until the time the world has people who are passionate about it. If you are one of those and want to travel to a place that is all clad in vivid architectural designs and innovations, slide Edinburgh into your list and prepare an itinerary that caters to your tastes.

While in Edinburgh, you shall never run out of places that are high on art and architecture, and that is exactly what makes Edinburgh one of the best cities in Scotland. These are some of the hidden gems of the city that you must pay a visit to whenever it is that you are planning to fly down to the place.

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