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St. Andrew’s House, Edinburgh

Scottish Building design by Thomas S Tait & Sir John Burnet, Tait and Lorne

26 July 2019
St Andrew’s House Restoration News
Ongoing restoration of St Andrew’s House in the heart of the capital.

26 Nov 2016 – new photos around the Calton Hill area by Adrian Welch:

St. Andrew's House Edinburgh

St. Andrew's House Edinburgh building
photo © Adrian Welch

St. Andrew’s House Edinburgh

St Andrew’s House architect – Thomas Tait

St Andrew’s House, 1934-39: inter-war architecture competition win – monolithic, symmetrical and sober from the front, romantically irregular from the South – note the curved glass stair towers reminiscent of the Fagus Shoe Last Factory by Gropius & Meyer. This building was the Scottish Office, the UK government’s administrative offices in Scotland.

St. Andrew's House St. Andrew's House Edinburgh
photos © Adrian Welch

Thomas S Tait (1882-1952) of Sir John Burnet, Tait and Lorne, was Scotland’s foremost inter-war architect. He designed many buildings in London, such as Adelaide House on the Thames, as well as the strongly futuristic Glasgow Empire Exhibition Tower.

St Andrews House Thomas S Tait St. Andrew's House Edinburgh design by  Sir John Burnet St. Andrew's House Edinburgh design by Tait and Lorne
photos © Adrian Welch

The St Andrew’s House frontage is influenced by Grey Wornuim’s severe Art Deco verticality RIBA HQ (1934) on Portland Place, London. Edinburgh National Library building (Dr Reginald Fairlie, 1934-55) on George IV Bridge also picks up on this rigid vertical ordering in stone.

St Andrew’s House was refurbished 2000-02 by Reiach and Hall Architects. Adjacent buildings can be located off the Calton Hill tour.

Thomas S Tait Architect Sir John Burnet Architect Calton Hill, Edinburgh St. Andrew's House Scotland
photographs © Adrian Welch

There is a strong Client link between st Andrew’s House and the new Scottish Parliament which is nearby. Sir John Burnet also worked on Burtons Edinburgh, Princes St.

Edinburgh House

Thomas S Tait Architect St Andrew's House, Edinburgh St Andrews House Building Tait and Lorne Architects
photos © Adrian Welch

St Andrew's House St Andrew's House, Edinburgh Thomas S Tait

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St Andrew’s House architect – Tait

Some St Andrew’s House departments migrated to the Scottish Executive Building upon its completion

St Andrew’s House architect – Tait mentor : Sir John Burnet

Scottish Parliament

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