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The Stunning Architecture of Edinburgh’s Casinos

2 June 2021

With thousands of years of history in its blood, not many cities around the world have such a collection of stunning architectural examples than Scotland’s Edinburgh. From medieval old town to the Georgian streets of new, right through to modern classics like Adam House. Many repurposed from their original housing but gaining some what of a renaissance and new lease of life.

Stunning Architecture of Edinburgh’s Casinos

There are many new online casinos Canada offers to all, where some decent money can be won, like those found at They may not have the distinctive charm of some of these buildings, but they can make up for it with winnings. In the meantime, these are our pick of the best and brightest buildings that contain casinos in Edinburgh. Not just a pretty face.

Maybury Roadhouse

Contrary to belief, not everything in Edinburgh is tight, cobblestoned streets and grand castles; there is some pockets of Art Deco here, too. The Maybury is the best example in the city and is home to the Grosvenor Casino.

Hitting the scenes in the 20’s, Art Deco found its way to all corners of the globe and in Edinburgh, James Broom and William Patterson were the kings. Over their short, 10-year partnership, they churned out a host of houses in the area, but the Maybury was their crowning glory. Commencing in 1932, their goal of a landmark location of modern design, white exterior and a glamorous interior made it one of the hall marks of Edinburgh, even to this day.

When it was renovated into a casino in the 1990’s, the interior remained and was cherished by locals and enthusiasts alike. The refurbishment transformed the building into a working casino while the remnants of the original roadhouse and diner still exist.

Genting Casino Fountain Park

Whilst the outside may not have all the charm of the Maybury, its modern glass and steel look still attracts attention as a focal point of the busy Fountain Park scene. But it’s the interior transformation that really went the extra mile and has this casino standing out from the crowds.

From the moment you enter through the widened main entrance, the central feature of the reception area catches your eye with colour changing glass. Past the cloak rooms, you’re brought downstairs to the basement floor where another, beautiful backlit glass bar is found.

It’s all very colourful and light, modern and full of fun, perfect for a basement casino. Modular seating breaks the area up so no matter if you’re there to watch sport, chill with friends or just take a break from the tables, you’re all covered. You can check out more here.

Topping it all off is the exquisite open kitchen that provides a show to the dining table beyond. The whole area is full of lavish design and beautiful curves, completely modern and a real contrast to the streets above.

Genting York Place

The most understated of all three picks but for us, it’s our favourite. It doesn’t try to hide what it is or its past, but blends in perfectly to its surrounds. The old brick facade would nearly go completely unnoticed, if not for the beaming Genting sign that is.

But inside, the listed building completely comes into its own. The main lobby holds a hexagonal void that just screams theatrics. Decorated beautifully to make the arches pop, it’s topped off by a domed ceiling towering above to give the illusion of incredible space in this two-storied gem. The mouldings and ornate friezes blend it all together which has that feeling of Arabic palatialness to it.

The Stunning Architecture of Edinburgh’s Casinos Summary

You’ll have chills standing down and gazing up towards that ceiling at York Place, perfectly lit with subtle lighting to allow the architectural features to speak for themselves. This is a joy to behold, and there’s plenty of fantastic gaming to be had there, too.

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