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The Latest Draw at Casinos: The Buildings

11 May 2022

Throughout much of the history of the land-based casino industry, the buildings that house them have leaned towards excess and pastiche, in keeping with the lighthearted nature of the industry. When one thinks of famous casino architecture, they are likely to recall the faux turrets of the medieval-themed Excalibur or the massive glass pyramid that houses the Luxor Casino in Vegas.

However, a new generation of casinos aimed at high-earning millennials are architectural works of art in their own right, where world-class design, amenities, and experiences are just as important as the slot machines and poker tables.

The Latest Draw at Casinos: building designs
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What’s drawing online gamblers?

Before we dive in, it’s worth looking into the online gambling space, which is on track to make up the majority of all gambling revenues worldwide. Obviously, online casinos cannot offer flashy architecture and contemporary luxe experiences.

What they can do, however, is offer some free gambling experiences. For example, new members of Paddy Power online casino can get 100 free spins no deposit, allowing them to play slot games for real cash prizes without spending a penny. Similarly, many online casinos also offer free poker credit, matched deposits, and more to entice new players in the highly competitive digital space.

The Latest Draw at Casinos: buildings
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A new Vegas

If one looks at the changing face of architecture on the global Mecca of casino gaming, the Las Vegas Strip, it is easy to divide it into distinct eras of design. Many of the most notable buildings – New York-New York, Paris Casino, MGM Grand, all come from the 90s era of so-called ‘Disneyfication’, where Toytown simulacra of excess were all the rage.
However, Las Vegas has come a long way since then. The new hotspots on the Strip are all about style, exclusivity, and cutting-edge design.

The new era is widely agreed to have kicked off with the dual opening of the Aria and Cosmopolitan resorts on the center Strip. These resorts resemble closely the works of Zaha Hadid or Renzo Piana, sweeping curves of glass, steel, and wood, with monumental atria and a scale that screams upper, upper class.

Since then, newer, sleeker, and more daring architectural icons have made their debut. There’s the uber-hip Virgin Hotel and Resort, made almost entirely of polished wood and recessed cork floors, resembling a nature retreat in the California mountains more than anything.

There’s the staggering Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, which resembles a New York super-thin skyscraper more than a classic Las Vegas gaming hall. Even the Sahara, once the gaudiest and ugliest casino on the Strip, has fallen in line. The newly renovated resort is all glass, steel, and curves, with the resort itself focusing more on its spa than the gaming on offer.

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The Latest Draw at Casinos – Building Designs Summary

Currently under construction is the Durango, a sprawling complex set among palm trees and azalea bushes that best resembles a postmodern take on a Balinese wellness retreat, all-glass, bamboo and open-air living. How things have changed.

If you want to ponder the future of land-based casino tourism, keep your eyes on the architecture of the Strip. If this tells us anything, it’s that we are moving into an era where money, fashion, exclusivity, and wellness are the new selling points.

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